$41k one-car garage?

JamieFebruary 21, 2012

This is a quote for enlarging an attached single car garage. The existing garage has a passage door and 2 windows. These will be retained and relocated.

The enlarged garage will have a single garage door in front. The existing garage's door is also in the front.

The roof shingles and siding, which will be matched, are not in any way extraordinary. Existing soffit and facia are from 1937, so they might be slightly different from the cheapest thing available to day, but they are no where near grand. It is not an especially tall garage.

The garage is easy to access. It is not in a tight space, on a hill, or far from the street.

The price seems insane to me, perhaps double what it should be. That is a gut reaction. I know nothing about the nuts and bolts.

Do you see something I could omit or question?

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The price seems insane to me,

That's why you get competitive quotes based on a single plan that you have drawn with all specifications.

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The national average costs for a garage addition is 57K. More in some areas, cheaper in others. You're talking about rebuilding a garage as well as extending it. That's harder than a stand alone garage addition. Your costs would be on the cheap side almost anywhere in the country for the project as you've described it.

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The real kicker is that it MIGHT add a few thousand in value - 10k max. The rest is just money out the window.

You should get some additional quotes. Also, if you want a finished surface for the drywall, that is not included in the quote.

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It sounds insane to me also, but then maybe that depends on your location. My DH was an architect/contractor and we were thinking of buying a home with a single garage and needed to make it into a two car garage, and he said it would be about $20,000-$25,000 max. to do the job.
Get more estimates~~

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Wow, we built a huge three-car garage in Phoenix and it barely came to $40K. I did act as the contractor and went directly to the subs which helped.

Hope you get some better quotes!

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Reporting back.
Second estimate is $5k less.
Second contracter would tear off the existing 1 car garage and build a whole new bigger one.

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