Should window heights match?

Kristen HallockApril 12, 2013

We are remodeling and putting in 2 new windows. The windows will go on either side of our range. They will be somewhat narrow, about 19.5" wide (interior measurement). The measurement from molding to molding will be about 25 1/4".

These windows are on one wall run in an L-shaped layout. The other wall has a window over the sink that will stay as-is. But that window is kind of short. Should I keep these new windows the same height as the sink window? Or do you think they can be a bit taller?

here is a picture of the sink window (pardon the mess, we are tearing down cabinets)

And the new windows will go on this wall, approximately near the wall-oven and another one near the fridge.

And the intended outcome is for it to look like this

I'm thinking the windows should match in height, but that sink window just seems so short.

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Since they are on opposite walls I think it might be ok if they don't match. Is there any way you can make the window in front of the sink wider and taller? My new kitchen will have a very similar layout as yours. However, I am planning a large window in front of the sink and two smaller windows flanking the stove.

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Kristen Hallock

No, we cant widen the sink window. We *could* make it taller, but i doubt DH will be up for that. We are doing this on our own with DH doing all of the labor so he wont want to add that project to his list.

Also, that wink window looks out to a screened in porch. So its not really an idyllic view. We've already ordered cabinets too so thats the real reason we arent widening it (along with DH never wanting to do that!). He is already b!tching about the 2 range windows. LOL!

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