Another broker open house?

hadleySeptember 5, 2009

Well, it looks as if we will be entering the fall with a flat rate broker, principal reason being that the flat rate actually seems to provide better MLS and internet coverage automatically than most brokers around here along with some other things they promise but don't deliver as well as giving us control over the listing, updates, and marketing plan. The idea is not really to save money, but to market better such that a price drop is meaningful and not just whistling into a bucket.

Our thought has been to make it known through postcards to other realtors and brokers that we will offer 4% commission to buyers' agents within the first 30 days (might extend that if traffic is good).

Question is: There have been two brokers' open houses here in the last year and a half. Would it be worthwhile trying to do another?

The biggest change has been that another home/property in the neighborhood has been massively done over and is now on market for over three times what we are asking. There are big differences between the properties, but ours is still smack in the middle or slightly upper middle of the neighborhood. The point is, I think/hope the high end is now affirming the middle even more so than it had been before when a few other higher homes were on. Other than the potential for twice the previous co-broke percentage, nothing else essential has changed in our house, although it is staged better and the landscape has been "groomed up." We are in a rural/semi rural area.

So--worth it to do an open house, which is often done on initial listing around here, or not?

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Do you have to pay extra for that? If not, its more exposure, it can't hurt. On the other hand, if thats "extra", you've had two, and you've already been on the market, its been seen, not necessary.

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