Hiring a realtor for paper work

brantSeptember 30, 2009

We have a cash offer on our home that is paid for. We want to make sure the paper work is completed properly. Can we hire a Realtor just for the legal paper work process. If so do you know what they charge. We thought about a real estate lawyer also. Others are telling us that the title company has all the p/work we need. I want to make sure everything is done legally.


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You need a lawyer. A realtor would help you bring in a buyer for your house. That part is done already. A lawyer will go through the paperwork to make sure everything is done correctly. It will only cost $500 or so, not 6%.

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I agree with hiring an attorney, it should not cost much and will give you good information.

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You can hire a realtor. Firms such as Assist-2-Sell have pricing for that service, but as Bill says, use a lawyer instead. Make sure you hire a real estate attorney. Not all attorneys are created equal. Real estate is a specialty field for them.

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We just used a title company. Bought a building on land contract. Sold building with one and a half years left on contract. Three parties involved, buyer, ourselves and previous owner of building. Title company did all the paperwork in one week. It did cost extra for that though.

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