Minka Gyro Ceiling Fan - Anyone have one? (Pics, please!)

jen19083February 1, 2009

I'm trying to pick a ceiling fan for this space:

The gyro fan is appealing to me (in s/s), but it's a definite "statement." None of the lighting stores I've been to have one in stock, so I haven't been able to see one in person. Do any GWs have it? If so, can you please post?

Here's a pic before the new appliances were installed:


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I'm very satisfied with mine. It's a little more effort to de-grease it, because of the cages, but they come apart with tiny bolts.


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Yours looks great!

Thanks for posting.


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Now I see that I did hit the submit button, just not where I thought I did! There's an extra pic over in Kitchens, where you x-posted.

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Have it, love it. The rotational movement is separate from the spin of the fans, and on mine there's a small amount of noise as they rotate 'round each other.

It's something that gets a lot of attention from visitors.

Only real downside: the light takes a special halogen bulb that isn't going to be easy to find. I rarely use it for light anyway, but that *might* stear me away if it were the primary lightsource for the given room.

My nephew bought a house with two similar fans in the kid's rooms, and they spin stupid fast every time the fans are on: I couldn't live with the noise and motion of those. Have no idea what brand his are.

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how tall are your ceilings? I have 9' ceilings but I was wondering if that was not quite tall enough for this fan.

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