Camping and Quilting 2012

K8OrlandoSeptember 24, 2012

A campsite at Fort Clinch State Park for 3 nights / 4 days... $65.

A ticket to the Jacksonville QuiltFest 2012... $8.

QuiltFesting with a dear friend, then spending a day sewing on your featherweights, alfresco.... PRICELESS!

This is me on the left in the picture and my buddy Marilyn on the right. We work for the same organization and often steal a few minutes of work time to talk about quilting, our dogs, and life in general. She and her husband have become good friends of ours; this is the first time we've had an opportunity to spend a whole weekend and we had a wonderful time. We had campsites next to each other at a state park less than an hour from the QuiltFest. We did more laughing than quilting but it was fun to set up the featherweights on the picnic table!


You can see we had everything we needed: featherweights, mosquito spray and rum!

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Kate, So nice to finally 'meet' you! Yeppers, you girls experienced a 'life is good' week-end and look like you're having a ball!


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Sure looks like fun. But, how did you get power? Generator run on rum?

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Those are 2 of my favorite activities!! I've never taken my sewing machine camping, but I never go without some hand work. So relaxing!!

You guys looked like you were having an awesome time :-)


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What fun! Makes me want to set up my FW on the front porch with this gorgeous indian summer weather we are having.

Good thing you've got your trusty guard dog with you to protect you from the quilt police! LOL!


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Kate, it looks like you had a fantastic time. I never tried combining rum and quilting. Sounds like a winning combination to me. And it's great to put a face to your moniker. Lois

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It's okay to combine libations with quilting. Just don't throw in 'late at night'... Then you tend to sew through one's finger. Don't ask how I know that!!

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LOL! Thanks for the comments!

We may have been running on rum but the sewing machines were plugged in to the campground power connections. I don't think I could do this in Florida without air conditioning running all night. I'm willing to 'rough it' but a girl's got her limits!

Scout was fending off the quilt police and the overly curious armadillos and raccoons. Too bad he wasn't as effective against the mosquitos.

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We haven't camped in many years but I used to take my machine with me when we did. I am not a beach person so DH would take the kids to the beach and I would stay at the campsite and sew. I have a friend who mixes wine and quilting so I got her a Klutz Glove. Don't need any cutting accidents.
Looks like you and your friend had a great weekend.


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I spent years without anyone to share the quilting passion with, then I found this forum and a whole bunch of like-minded quilters. Then after working with her for 2 years, Marilyn and I discovered we were both quilters and that cemented a friendship that's found even more common ground over time. And within the past couple years I have been truly blessed to have one of my oldest and best friends not only become passionate about quilting, but she's become an active member of this forum too! I am a lucky, lucky woman and very thankful for all of you.


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RVing and quilting looks like ya'll are having so much fun! :-) Can't wait till hubby's back surgery is fully healed so we can go RVing again. I have started cutting out pieces for Granny Square quilt blocks so I can take them with me for quick hand-sewing projects on our next RV trips. Glad to put a face with a name. :-)

Best to you,

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I've been trying to get another camping trip together with my cousins and my kids have so many weekend activities, I can't seem to find any free time! We went a few weeks ago and had an awesome time.


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What a great way to spend a weekend! I need to visit with yall sometime. I have a camper, cover, featherweight, and some white wine. Can I come next time?


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Beverly - same time next year for the Jax quilt show again! You're invited!

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Kate, that looks like tremendous fun! I wondered if you had your Featherweights hooked up to an invisible treadle! Rum might work with quilting, but don't try Sangria. One glass and I had to take my machine to the shop the next day... I've got some rum and coke here... maybe I'll take a que from you and pour a glass and sit down at my machine... just don't expect any pictures of the results... and what's Andy's number at the Sewing Studio again just in case? :o)

How cool that you both had baby machines to take with you in the RV... much easier than hauling something large around.

Now I'll recognize you if I ever bump into you a guild meeting or quilt show! :o)

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So what did you make???? I also spot a cork screw ........
Looks like a lot of fun. Where are the guys? laughing at you two, I'll bet :)

You are so lucky to have a friend to share quilting everyday.

Scout is beautiful!

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Kate, What fun! I never take my machine when we go camping - DH expects me to hike and sightsee .... HOWEVER, if I was going to a quilt show, there might be an exception. It certainly looks like you had a great time and you are so lucky to have a friend who shares your interests too.

Looking forward to seeing you at camp!

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Yeah Bobby, I'll be the one with the rum & coke in my hand!

Marsha! Good eye sight! The cork screw was from the day before when we went to the quilt show - the guys sat around the camp making sangria that was supposed to last until we got back but they had to call us to bring back more wine!

When you all were talking about featherweights here I mentioned it to Marilyn and she started extolling the virtues of hers and how she got it just to keep in their camper. She went on and on. Finally I got the bug and decided I needed one! She helped me keep an eye on and on ebay and I finally found one on the gw site that didn't go over my bid.

We were working on hst for a valor quilt I'm making but I have to admit we didn't get much done. By next year we hope to have a trailer of our own (the one in the background is a rental) and I'll have it fully stocked with rulers, cutting mats, etc.

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OMG...this is so you...LOL...You both look so pleased and happy w/ your you should be! It's a good thing there's no martini bar around, or I would be pulling up a stool extolling ...nevermind!
What a great trip and weekend get away...I think I need a featherweight now...See you soon!

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You both look like your having a great time. Your smiles make you look like the sisters you are under title of "quiters". Looks like you could have another retreat at the RV park. lol

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What fun! Great pictures too. :)

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Looks like a wonderful adventure. Everything goes better with friends, even rum!

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Great to have a face to put to you, Kate, but I must admit, I'd been picturing you about 45 with very dark hair. LOL Found out my good friend sold her featherweight at a garage sale. GRRRRRR I had been wanting to find one.

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You're only off by 14 years, Bev, and my hair color is subject to change about every 6 weeks!

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LOL, my hair does too Kate!!!! Looks like a great time, I'm so ready for the camp!

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Im right there with you, Kate. 60 last May. However, I am still a natural blonde, no, really, with a lot of white/grey/? who knows, thrown in. However, I would settle for more white/grey if I could have more hair. LOL

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Well, you won't see it this year, but my 44yo head is about 80% grey with the front 95% white!

If you were to beg someone to show you pics from last year you might see it, but this year it will be Loreal #7!! lol

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Kate, I didn't want to start another thread, but I wanted to let you know that someone is selling a Featherweight in Orlando on Craig's List. It looks a little rough and lacks the case, but I bet it could be restored and I think it's a deal for 100 bucks... seems like they don't know what they have. I'd get it myself if I had more room! Anyway, if you have any quilting friends who have been wanting a Featherweight, I just wanted to pass that along....

I check C/L every day for sewing machines (and vacuums), but something has to be really special or rare to follow me home because I simply haven't the room...

Here is a link that might be useful: Featherweight on C/L

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Thanks for the heads up on the FW. I don't think I know anyone locally who wants one, especially one that isn't in prime condition, but I'll ask around!

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