Bathroom Permits

kristalynn89February 25, 2013

Hi all,

I bought a house with a unfinished roughed-in bathroom that my carpenter father has been helping me finish. We initially decided not to pull a permit, and now I am having major regret. I know that everything is above code, but I don't want this to bite me in the bum with my insurance company or with resale.

So far the bathroom is finished except for the walk-in shower. Both rooms on either side of the bathroom are unfinished so I don't think that there should be any framing issues that would require demolishing the walls. Any ideas on how far I need to backpedal to get permits/pass an inspection? I'm hoping that if worst comes to worst all that I'll have to do is take out the ceiling for the electrical inspection.

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Only your municipality can answer this for you.

If you have proof the plumbing was pre-existing and approved with the house build, then you won't have to tear that out.

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In my experience, most cities just want the money. But it varies by individual inspector as well as by city and area in the city. We avoided permits for 50 years because of pre-existing issues, and when we finally did a major remodel recently we called in the inspector. He was so happy that someone in the neighborhood was trying to improve things that he focused only on the one thing we had pulled the permit for (electrical) and ignored everything else, which allowed us to upgrade each problem one at a time. If you get someone who is reasonable, they will not make you tear anything out. They can also cut a tiny hole in the ceiling and use a dental mirror and a flashlight to see electrical, in some cases. Good luck. I would do whatever will allow you to sleep well at night, even if dad thinks it's silly (spoken from experience, not from a criticism of your dad).

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