Replacing Corian sink with underhung stainless

lolainthecolaFebruary 9, 2010

I would love some feedback from anyone who has replaced a Corian sink with a different material. Our Corian sink is badly nicked (too deep to be sanded out) and we had considered having it resurfaced, but I can't seem to find any evidence that there is an accepted procedure for doing so (one repairman I spoke to talked of using marine filler and varnish to refinish the sink. He said it would be nice and shiny when he got done, which is just what I don't want. The counters are matte. The second repair place I called refused to even suggest a repair method over the phone. They wanted to charge me $75 to come to the house before they would discuss anything).

We were thinking of getting an underhung stainless steel sink put in instead. Our kids do the dishes and I know stainless would tolerate their methods a lot better than Corian has. My concern is that underhung sinks would have a gap between the sink and counter where yucky stuff would collect and grow. Any thoughts on underhung sinks would also be welcome.


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I would call a few more certified Corian installers and try to get a feel for the cost of a real repair; depending on the color. A friend of mine used to manage the kitchen and bath dept. of a small (now defunct) solid surface manufacturer, and talks about such repairs as if they were fairly routine. There's a right way to do such work, but the materials are proprietary and it doesn't involve varnish. Even with the cost of a service call, this will be far cheaper than trying to switch to a steel undermount sink.

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Thanks for the tip, Jon. I've tried looking for other repair places, but the town isn't that large (Pensacola, FL) so my options are limited. I've only come up with two places so far that could do the work. I agree that repair would be preferable (especially as we might sell in the near future) but it's got to be done right. I'm glad to hear that there is a proprietary system for this repair. When I emailed Corian to ask that question, they just referred me to a company that didn't even have repair people in our area!

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Try calling around to the Corian installers in the area.

If the sink is a uniform color the same seaming material used to glue the pieces together can be used to make a repair.

This is NOT a place for feather edges though.

Actually routing the damaged area deeper before filling in may give a better repair.

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Thanks for the tip, brickeye. I'll try calling around to the installers and see what they say- a good suggestion.

Question: what are "feather edges"?

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