Removing ceiling lath & plaster when putting up new walls

pbufordjrFebruary 12, 2011

I am moving around 2 bedrooms and a bath in a remodeling project on an older home to reposition the stairway. I have already gutted the walls but was wondering if I should remove the plaster and lath ceilings before I put up the walls?

The ceilings are fairly solid but I was thinking about removing them because the electrical wiring now comes into the walls in this home from the attic and I thought it would make rewiring easier. And thought it would be better nailing the top plates of the new walls directly into the ceiling joist instead of through plaster and lath.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to whether I should remove the ceilings or not that have done work like this before?

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If the new walls are not bearing walls and the ceiling is firm I would not disturb anything! Why make more work for yourself. The new walls just need to remain upright and stable and screwing them through the top plate to the joists or blocking between joists is fine. Drill hole for wires into top plate,go up in attic, install your J-boxes and drop wires down.

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Wow, you sound just like us. Me moved a bathroom, and moved some walls in a 110 year old house.

I will never tear out plaster and lathe again unless I have to. Ours was nasty because the house had been heated with coal stoves for most of it's life. The walls were full of black soot.

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