timer to control just fan or fan and lights?

janesylviaFebruary 12, 2013

In each bathroom of my current house, I have a timer that controls both fan and lights. The fan is turned on for another 60 minutes after shower to have good ventilation. So it's kind of waste the electricity for lights.

In my newly bought house,. The two bathrooms have good lighting due to the two venting skylights. I am thinking of using a three gang wall plate, with a switch to control the lights, a timer to control the fan, and a GFCI outlet. But I have one concern.
Since the fan will be the Panasonic 80CFM one, the sound is low, I am afraid my kids would forget to turn on the fan or my daughter takes more than the timer's maximum setting of 60 minutes if she is slow (often she is).

So would it be better to have the timer controlling just the exhaust fan or both fan and lights?

Any input or sharing of experience if greatly appreciated.

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Do you think that the light going off, would speed or impede the process?

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In my current house, sometimes, the lights were turned off automatically at 60 minutes when my daughter was still taking shower. She had to come out of the tub and turned on the lights. Since in my current house, the lights and fan are controlled by the same switch, there is no concern for the ventilation.

But for the newly bought house, if I have timer for fan and switch for lights, the light will not be automatically turned off when the fan reaches its maximum 60 min time. I can urge her to finish taking shower within 60 minutes, but I cannot guarantee if she would do it if I am not home.

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Why not get a timer that is longer than 60 minutes?

Here is a link that might be useful: 2 hour timer

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Thank you very much, Greg. That's a good idea.

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