Replumb + bathroom remodel?

brarianFebruary 24, 2014

New homeowner and forum member here. The home is about 55 years old. Most of the house has been updated - except the beige and chocolate bathroom and the plumbing. It has galvanized pipes. Water pressure isn't great, and rust sometimes settles in the lines, so I'm hoping to replace the plumbing next year. (The pipes will have to go through the attic because it is a slab house.) I figured while people are cutting holes in walls and tile to replace plumbing, maybe I should just redo parts of the bathroom at the same time.

Things I want to know:
1. Am I insane?

2. Should I get a general contractor to oversee the replumb of the house and the changes in the bathroom, or should I hire out the job by task - hire a plumber for the replumb, then someone to fix the walls from whatever the plumber has had to do, someone to tile, etc?

3. How far in advance do I need to contact potential tradespeople? I'm planning on doing the replumb early next year, and I don't want them to think I'm wasting their time.

This is what I want done:
recoat or replace bathtub (coating job from previous homeowners is peeling)
retile bathtub surround (or install 3 piece tub wall)
replace shower/tub fixtures (showerhead, bath faucet)
remove wall tile (all walls are 1/2 tiled)
add a vented fan

I'd like to keep the existing toilet, wall hung sink, and retro mosaic tile floor.

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After 55 years, I would gut the bathroom, and install all new.

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It depends. Talk to a plumber about cost and feasibility of running new supply lines (leave the old ones in the wall). But it sounds like a nice time to bite the bullet and redo that bathroom, budget permitting. (If the tub goes, then the floor tile has to go, too. Full demo.

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If you are planning on doing a complete bathroom remodel, I would recommend hiring a general contractor and have them use their plumber. The reason for this is that way they can coordinate the project through one point of contact. I have always found it easier when you are going to have multiple trades doing work on a single project to hire a general contractor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Important steps to take when hiring a contractor

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