Trim pine tree before painting the house exterior?

janesylviaFebruary 19, 2012

We have two pine trees right next to our house inside our backyard. The two trees have grown much taller since we moved in 8 years ago. I'm planning to have the house exterior painted. Do you think I need to have the trees trimmed before doing the painting or just let the trees keep growing taller?

Thank you very much.

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If they are close enough to the house that any of the branches are touching, you need to asses their position. If they are closer than 10' to the house, they need to be removed, not trimmed. Pines are not small trees and planting them too close can damage your foundation. If they are just large trees planted 10' or further from the house and some of the lower branches are drooping, then yes, get a professional arborist to limb them up and thin them out.

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Thank you very much, GreenDesigns.

One pine tree is 4'5" to the house, another is 10'10" to the house. I'll call a tree service. Wow, removing a tree would be expensive. A friend of mine had a tree removed, and the cheapest quote was $2000.

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I'll go further and say that 10" is too close to the house for something like a large pine tree or any other large growing tree. I would have them both removed. Pines and other shallower rooted trees can most definitely lift your foundation. We had to have a 25' sycamore tree removed that was about 12' from our barn. For a sycamore, that's not that large or that old, but it had already cracked one corner of the barn's slab. It cost us around $800 to do it safely, but since it was so close to the barn and only 20' from some utility wire, it was totally worth it to have a professional do it.

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Fori is not pleased

What species pine are they? Some are not inappropriate for close to the house. I'd get an identification before doing a removal. In the garden part of the GW forums is an "ID my plant" forum. Maybe you'll get lucky. :)

Even if they don't need to be removed, you'll want them trimmed so that they aren't close to rubbing the house, regardless of whether or not you're painting.

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