laundry/pantry addition

treeskateFebruary 6, 2009

I'm trying to locate an article from Fine Homebuilding (maybe 2 years ago) that featured pantry designs and one photo was perfect for what I want. I can't find it on their web site. It was a square room that had a washer/dryer on left side, then open shelving above counters on the back wall and on the right side.

Does this ring a bell with anyone??

I currently have a tiny hallway off the kitchen that has a door to the garage, a broom closet, door to half bath and door to deck. (1952 colonial house.) I'm struggling with the 2 floors down into the basement for laundry and want to add a pantry/laundry room. GC recommends enlarging half bath (1.5 bath houses don't sell well even tho I don't plan on moving) to a full bath (shower), then add pantry/laundry off a hallway (hall would have hooks for coats) and then hall would end in a small room addition rather than a screened porch that I want.

The garage and half bath are attached to the 2 story house and there is an alleyway in the basement where all the heat and water pipes go to the half bath, plus a window to the outside that would be helpful for additional piping needed. He said addtion could be done on pilings - don't have to have a full basement for this new addition.

Just wish I could find that darn picture!!! But if you have any other thoughts to share, bring them on.....I am single, no kids, don't entertain, etc, but do a lot of yard work, snowblowing etc. and am getting near retirement so want to start making the house easier on my knees.

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Check your local library for back issues of the magazine.

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Yes Ron, I plan to go the library, but just thought I might tickle someone's memory.......don't know if the library will want to bring 2-3 years of issues out of storage in one trip.

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Update - went to library and their stock only goes back to 12/03....wouldn't you know the article I wanted was the month before. So I ended up doing free 2 week trial to FHB and got the article and printed it!!!

For anyone wanting this great article it is in FHB 11/1/03 #159 "Hard-Working Pantries" in case you have a friend that keeps his/her back issues.

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