Piano & Hardwood floors - how to protect floor?

mary1805June 6, 2008

This might be slightly off topic here, but the flooring forum is much slower than this one!

We just had hardwood floors put down in several rooms that were previously carpeted. Now my upright piano will be sitting on hardwood floors, and I'm afraid that the small wheels on the piano legs will dent the new floors.

Should I set the piano on an area rug? Or look for some type of castors for the wheels?

If you know of a specific place to look for the castors, please share. I'm having trouble finding much online, and the couple that I have found are much more expenseive than I was expecting!


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I've use castor cups to protect the floor and they work well. I googled piano castor cups and came up with several links that have them---one is below to show you what they look like--or your local piano/music store may sell them as well. They come in several styles and materials. Ours are extremely hard plastic and can have felt on the underside for hardwood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Castor cups

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I bought mine at Linens 'n Things. It's like a little cup with a plastic bottom that the caster sits in. I can even move mine around on my hardwood floor with no dents or scratches. I will say that I did nave problems with the plastic floor protectors that you put on the bottom of the furniture and it did scratch our new hardwood floors. I've had much better luck with the felt bottoms.

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I hadn't even thought of this issue. My upright piano has been sitting on my hardwood floors for at least 2 years. I can't see any denting, but I'll get castor cups now just in case.

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