Recycling Building Materials

steph98February 20, 2010

In your remodeling projects, have you had luck recycling or selling the things you've torn out? If so, with what and how did you sell it/ recycle it?

Does anyone really want an old dishwasher, cooktop, hardwood flooring, light fixtures, refrigerator, etc...

Thanks for your thoughts!


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If you dont put them up for sale, you can donate them to places like habitat for humanity if in your area. You can also check in with your local landfill to see if they take appliances, wood, and metals in seperate areas that they recycle. Also salvage yards in your area will take most appliances/metals and dont forget to recycle your remodeling construction "waste" like cardboards, plastics, metal bandings, etc. An average 75% construction waste is recyclable in most areas.

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Yup, much of that stuff has someone who's interested. If it's not a relic, older stuff in good working order has a market. Think of everyone from families on a tight budget to a penny-pinching landlord driving the latest Lexus.

Take a look at craigslist and you'll get a better idea.

If it's in shabby shape, that's a different story. As mentioned, the "Restore" from Habitat for Humanity will still take it - and folks do seem to use it. Personally, I think those shoppers would do better for themselves on craigslist, but to each his own (and everyone's not cut out to use the internet.)

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there's a non profit organization that has a website with directories of reuse organizations all over US. Choose your state from dropdown menu. link below. It can keep these materials out of the landfills and maybe a tax deduction for you.

I've considered using materials from a store that sells this -- better to spend the same on solid wood kitchen cabinets than ikea particle board.

Here is a link that might be useful: ReDO,org

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On one house I was tearing down, friends took out the almost new paving stone driveway. Stone by stone it re-emerged at their farm as a patio.

Sometimes I have been able to sell central ac units and once a nearly new gas boiler.

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YES! Definitely recycle. I frequent Habitat stores and have had some great finds there, most recently enough Pratt and Larson tile to redo my friend's backsplash. I've seen others who own rentals and don't want high end appliances use the same store. Craigslist is also a great site for those trying to find a bargain. What you may call junk, others may call a find.
I jumped on a bunch of "throw away" granite and travertine scraps to do a patio. This was someone else's throwaways:

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Habitat will dismantle kitchens if they are in good condition and truck them off. Or pick things up depending upon value. No charge. They won't take appliances older than 5 years. Plenty of metal recyclers out there will for free.

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