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gininmnSeptember 12, 2011

I know this is slightly off-topic because the item I want to put a label on isn't a quilt. It's a soft, plush cuddle blanket with sleeves my book group friends purchased to include in a comfort basket for another member whose husband recently died from cancer. We decided we wanted to put a label on it. I'm probably the only one who does any sewing or handwork so I volunteered. The blanketis made of a soft, plush fabric, somewhat stretchy. I', thinking it would be best put label on a lower back corner (others tags are near there). The corner is kind of rounded off and the blanket edges are bound with a satiny, stretchy binding. I wondered if I should shape the label to fit into the corner or just make a shape (like an oval one and sew it close to the edge. I'm concerned that I will have problems getting it to "fit" just right if I try to make it to exactly fill the corner. I will use cotton for the label (pigma pens for writing) so not stretchy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sleeved cuddle blanket

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I think it would look better to make the oval. If you try to match and it doesn't work, it will look odd. If it is intended to look different, it will be better. By putting it in the corner, it will not matter if a small section is not stretchy. Be very careful sewing and it should be just fine. What a wonderful thing to do do for your friend.


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What a thoughtful gift! I would go with the oval; it will look great and you won't have to worry about making it fit.


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I agree!!! I sewed an embroidered Bible verse as a gift for someone in Hospice care and the fabric was the same. The stitches get lost in the plush top and really don't show. It is a very thoughtful gift.

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Thanks for the help. I could use some more opinions: Should I put a fabric backing on the label and turn so the seams are enclosed or should I use press a piece of slightly smaller Timtex on the back and turn label edges under before I stitch it label on? The Timtex didn't seem that stiff when I used it for making fabric postcards. However, I don't know if it'll stay attached through repeated washings.

I think she'll appreciate the sleeved cuddle blanket. It just so happened that Brookstone had a buy one-get one sale so I got hers at half price. More amazing to me was that shipping (via UPS) and handling was slightly less than $4.00 for both. The other is my gift to myself and I know I will love it when it weather gets colder. Often have trouble sleeping so I read in bed a lot. It's hard to keep my shoulders warm and still have freedom of movement of arms for turning pages. This will save me from having to get up and put on a robe or sweater. Of course, the idea of comfort blanket or quilt isn't original. I simply love cuddling in my comfort quilt made by friends at the 2010 Camp Cheerio Retreat. It is always on my couch ready to cuddle under while watching tv or reading in my living room or just looking pretty and reminding me of the wonderful warmth of quilting friends.

There are eight of us chipping in and so we also are completing the basket with six 1/4- to 1/3-pound packages of various chocolate-covered nuts, fruits and fillings (amaretto, Irish Cream), some chocolate "rocks" (actually look more like gravel), a variety of hot cocoa packets (like dark, milk, and white chocolate, truffle, hazelnut...), a mug with beautiful picture of Lake Superior agates (she is a geologist as was her DH), a pretty bookmark, and a nice gift certificate to a book store. Oh, and I made Jackson, their dog, some homemade doggie biscuits.

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