Taj Mahal Quartzite

julcarrApril 29, 2012

Has anyone selected taj mahal quartzite? If so, would love to see pictures of it installed. Also, please let us know how it holds up. The granite guy said it is stronger than granite and you do not have the concerns as with marble.

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Probably won't be of too much help here, but I was so close to getting the Taj Mahal quartzite. It is a gorgeous piece and super elegant looking. I'm certain that it would look amazing installed. Haven't come across many others who had heard of it, let alone have it installed, and I'm not sure what other names it may go by. If you do get it, you'd have a very unique countertop (one that resembles calacatta gold marble) because I honestly do not think it is well known or readily available.

That said, I ended up choosing the super white, another quartzite. I love the surface. It acts just like granite and I have no qualms putting hot or cold directly on it. Baking and kneading dough is also wonderful. Absolutely no etching (unlike marble). Cleaning is also easy -- I only use soapy water and wipe dry. However, like all porous surfaces, especially ones that are light-colored, you will need to have it properly sealed to ensure that there are no staining problems.

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This is our huge slab that we are installing. I have not seen any installed at all as it is a newer quartzite (or under a new name), but it is flying out of the local warehouses and they raised the price again b/c of this (fortunately after we bought it) In person it has much more depth and is very pretty IMO:

I have seen it different looking slabs of it, some have a vertical veining too it.

Do you have a photo of the slab you are interested in. I really liked the super white too. The clincher for us besides the beauty is that they had a slab large enough for our entire kitchen, (plus master bath) so in the end it was cheaper than buying too of the super white, or other similar quartzites.

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I would add that the granite girl and fabricator said it would be excellent on stains and such and bullet proof, but I was a little nervous as it is not as proven as the others, but I would have to think it would be similar to as super white and mother of pearl.

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I do not have a pix yet as it is arriving this week. I have been waiting for over a month to see it in person. I was initially looking for Calcutta gold but the slabs in my area were not what I wanted so they suggested taj mahal which looks beautiful in all the pictures I have seen. Can you tell me what color cabinets you are using with this? White, cream, or wood stain?

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We are using white painted inset cabinets. I think TM quartzite would look good with most anything, as it is pretty neutral color.

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What color white are you using. I am ready to order my cabinets but want to see the slab first. Is it more white or a creamy white. Ratrem your slab is absolutely gorgeous!

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I picked my cabinets first, I just did Shiloh polar white inset. I have no idea what color it would be on a swatch. It is not the brightest white they offer, but is definitely white. If you google you will get some photos. Perhaps a bit creamy but no real undertones. We are you located I think one of these slabs order was cancelled, or they were getting more in.

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Yea gods, ratrem. That is a gorgeous chunk of stone. Looks like white onyx. It is stunning and, for what its worth, from what I've seen of "super white quartzite", that has nothing on this stone. You must have it. Gosh, had I seen this 7 years ago, I'd have to have it.

I'm sorry I have no information to share; I haven't been to GW in months, just popped by today, got curious about this "Taj Mahal quartzite" post, saw ratrem's pic and had to log in to post about its gorgeousness.


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I live in Reno Nevada. My cabinets will be made at a local shop. Going with painted white cabinets. Walnut flooring and possibly a walnut island counter top. Slab should arrive by May 1st, can't wait to see it. I am like a little kid.

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mindstorm, I too think it is so pretty, I am hoping it is as tough as it is beautiful.

Julcarr, I hope you post a few photos after tomorrow. Sounds like we have similar tastes, I too love the calacutta marble, but not for our lifestyle. We almost did it for a backsplash, but it was too pricey for us. Do you have any ideas for the BS yet? It will be fun to see another kitchen with TM is you use it, as google does not reveal any.

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This is my first posting - I love my Taj Majal:

I used Difinity Space on my island which I also love

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Wow beautiful packergirl! Can you tell us how taj mahal reacts to water spots, stains, etching? chipping? Can you tell me if your cabinets are walnut? If so, can you give me the brand of cabinet and stain color. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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We looked at and fell IN LOVE with 2 slabs of Taj Mahal. Alas, it was about $180.00 a square foot!!! We are biting the bullet and going with white carrara (very slight veining with some taupe/gold veining). Had we been able to afford the TM, we would have done it in a heartbeat! It's beautiful!! We are about 3 weeks away from counter tops (sheet rocking as I type)....


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The taj mahal has been great! No water spots, stains or etching. I put hot pans out of the oven on it. I was told it is stronger than granite.
My cabinets are Sapele, an African mahogany. I was going to go with walnut, but my cabinet maker introduced me to the Sapele and I fell in love. It's more uniform and not as "grainy", but still interesting.

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Packer thanks for sharing that gorgeous kitchen, glad to hear the TM has been great and tough.
Jul-did you see your slab today?

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Rarem really disappointed it is sitting in customs in Oakland. Hope to see it Thurs, Friday or Tuesday. This is holding up my cabinet selection.

Packergirl thanks for the input about how quartzine holds up to the water, stains, and hot pans. Also thank you for letting me know the type of wood cabinets you went with as I originally was going to go with a walnut slab cabinets but decided not to because of the wild grain patterns of walnut, then I turned to painted cabinets like the gray cabinets that are so popular now, but thought that might be a too trendy so now I am going with a traditional white cabinets with walnut flooring and possibly walnut island counter top may do either white or gray cabinets on the island Beekeepers kitchen looks really great with white and gray.

This have been on such a long journey, I have changed from contemporary to traditional I think the cabinetmaker and GC think I am nuts but this is a big decision and lots of $$$$.

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I just reserved a slab of it in San Diego in Satin or leather finish. I am in LOVE! Going to my cabinets handpainted distressed cabinets with Annie Sloan paint. Has anyone got pics of the satin finish installed?

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I was almost set on Jet Mist honed. Then I was steered towards Jet Mist antique for greater durability. Yesterday the fabricator showed me Belgium blue satin chroma quartz - a brand new shade - and I'm rethinking everything. Has anyone else seen it yet?

Once I seal Jet Mist antique would there still be as many problems with oil stains? One place told me to NEVER place a pizza box directly on the counter because of oil absorption. HUH? I have a 25 year old Formica countertop and we always put the box on it. Where else would I put it? Is Jet Mist granite really that fragile? Would the quartz be that much more practical?

Here is a link that might be useful: Belgium blue chroma

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Paddington I have never seen it honed or leathered, do you have a photo of your slab.

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Still waiting to see the Taj Mahal. I did go to see a honed carrera, they gave me a piece that he sealed to take home so you know what I did. I poured coffee on it. Wiped it up without a stain. Then I put taco sauce on it for about 3-5 minutes and there it was a big old stain, two spots, it looks like water spots. I love the softness of the Calcutta, but I don't think I could live with always worrying whether I will stain the counters. I live now with tile countertops with stained grout. Can't wait to get rid of the tile.

I hope I fall in love with the taj mahal. Ratrem, your slab is so beautiful. Sorry to hear about the wrong color cabinets; are you going to keep them?

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Julcarr- we have the correct cabs on order now, but I am thinking this might delay our kitchen as the contractor thinks they will be ready for the cabs in 2-3 weeks, but I think they take 4-6 to make. Which sucks we have everything waiting, appliances, backsplash, TM.

Bummer about the calcutta, I too think it is so beautiful and marble was my first choice. We have small kids, animals, a hubby plus we will use our peninsula a lot for serving, eating and projects so we needed something I would not have to worry as much about.

Hopefully you see the TM soon and can put your deposit down. Are you using it in the whole kitchen.

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Ratrem what backsplash did you choose? Sorry to hear about your delay but remember you are spending lots of $$$ so get what you love it was their mistake and you will be living with this kitchen for a long time.

I still like the walnut island but here again don't want to be worried about water marks as there will be a prep sink in it. I am getting the kohler stages 33. Where your prepping is done totally over the sink. I have been checking out HOuzz.com for months now and it is still my favorite look.

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I really like calcutta marble backsplash but it was out of budget, so we are getting a mostly white colored marble backsplash. It does not have as much gray as carrera.

Source: products.daltile.com via Rachel on Pinterest

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Love the back splash you selected. What type of marble is it? We really have the same ideas as the kitchen I fell in love with has white cabinets with marble subway tile & counters.

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It's my first time posting here, and I'm loving this thread since we just ordered Taj Mahal counter top for our kitchen. We have Maple Kitchen cabinets, dark color (lunar color). We are replacing the backsplash too. We have one idea to go Taj Mahal for backsplash too. What do you think? Our kitchen is not very big, so we don't have a big backsplash area since our biggest counterspace is the island.
Thank you

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Maple kitchen- I think that would be gorgeous!!!!

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I will post pictures as soon as we install it:)

We did fall in love with Taj Mahal at the show room, and we really hope we won't get disappointed when we install it

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I fell in love with Taj Mahal quartzite and when I googled for pics, packergirl's pictures posted here are by far the best on the internet. I just wanted to say thanks and, four months later, are you still happy with it? Was it worth the expense? What edge did you select? My fabricator says to do double radius so when there is a spill the liquid doesn't drip backward into the cabinets. Thoughts on that? Is there anything close to Taj Mahal for price comparison? I need to purchase 2 slabs... Any other remodel suggestions are appreciated because I only get one shot at this and I want it PERFECT

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I just posted our kitchen in the final stages here are our TM counters:

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Ratrem....thanks for posting. The TM is beautiful. I'm thinking of using it for my island. It's flying out of the slab yards. I'm trying to decide between the TM and White Macabus. Your finished pics help a lot!

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Wow; I'm not a fan of white marbles in general but I don't think that TM quartzite even counts as such - there's so much movement and color. Beautiful.

Is it really the same material as in the Taj Mahal? I didn't think there was so much color in that stuff...

Ratrem -- I like how the striations of your flooring sort of mimic that on the stone.

Packergirl - that's one fancy, well-thought-out kitchen. Is it working well for you? The hood is something -- it looks as if it hinges outward -- is that right???

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packergirl or anyone who has Taj Mahal, can you tell me how careful you have been with your new Taj Mahal counters? I am on the verge of purchasing it because I absolutely love it! However, with 3 kids, I am certainly worried about water stains from ice cold water glasses and other acidic stains. You said you haven't had a problem with stains yet which I am glad to hear. Would you say you have been careful to wipe things up, or have things sat out a bit long on the quartzite to give it a real test? The suppliers I have visited all tell me different things about quartzite, some saying not to use it for an island and others saying it is better than granite. I have found very little on the internet to verify its hardiness.

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I have 3 kids and have not had any problems with it. It gets plenty of use and still looks great!

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I really wish I had not opened this thread. I think it's the first time I've had serious countertop remorse over my quartz. Just beautiful, that TM.

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"One place told me to NEVER place a pizza box directly on the counter because of oil absorption."

It's good advice, as is following the MIA's recommendation to always use a trivet for placing hot items on natural stone.

Do people do it and get away with it? Sure, but how lucky do you feel?

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Ratrem, I love the Taj Mahal counters in your beautiful kitchen! Thank you for sharing.

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Lynn, I have to say quite honestly, the thing about polished natural stone is: it is all gorgeous. I love it all. And what's higher than an "11", as they say?

I agree, this stuff is gorgeous. And I just bet yours is too. I love going to stone yards, but I'm never able to choose one over another. I just say: what's your cheapest stone? I'm going to love it.

Recently I found a fabricator with a ton of scrap around and he lets me just choose a piece and charges me labor on any of it. He happens to be really good at selecting one from another given the space I tell him about. Else I'd be trapped in the same dilemma: they all look gorgeous.

So cheer up! I bet you could post a thread that gets someone jealous too :)

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Like many of you, I really wanted Carrara marble counters in my kitchen. I installed them in my bathrooms 7 years ago and still love them. However, after researching online and seeing it in a friend's kitchen, I knew I had to find something more durable. I spent time on Houzz looking for alternatives that looked similar and found Macabus quartzite. I live in the San Diego area and found several slabs of Macabus, but felt the linear veininig was too modern for my tastes. I stumbled upon Taj Mahal and was very intrigued. I came home and got back on the internet. Thank goodness for all these sites that give great personal feedback and photos. I found a vendor with the lighter shades of Taj Mahal that appealed to me. I don't really like the rusty veins that are a minor part of this stones patterning - but the general tone and movement is gorgeous. I had to wait over a month for my vendor to receive some honed slabs of TM, but it was worth the wait. We installed our new island first in early Nov, and the perimeter pieces went in last week. We love it. Nothing has stained my island in 3 months. My painter is delivering my cabinet doors this week (creamy white) & then I'll post some pictures. I read someone was quoted $180 a sq ft? I paid nothing close to that! keep looking.

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