Blueheron....I have a question for you!!!?

traceeeSeptember 4, 2010

Hi there!!!! Where'd you get your screen name from? Last spring we bought a condo in a Naples, Florida community called Blue Heron. We are obnoxiously delighted and obsessed with this purchase and in love with this modest but newer little community.

For 5 years we vacationed in Naples, staying at my S.O.'s

sisters home. I watched the market go up and watched it come down. Last spring we "pounced" on a forclosure property. This was a dream come true for us and in 5-6 years we will be able to retire and become official "snowbirds!"

So, as I said.....I am OBSESSED with Blue Heron - it reminds me of paradise!!! How'd you pick that screen name?

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LOL! When DH and I were looking at the cottage on the Susquehanna River we wanted to buy, we kept seeing a blue heron in front of the cottage and when we were driving home from there, one would appear along the side of the road!

After we bought the cottage, the blue heron often appeared perched on a rock in the river in front of our place. I named her Iris. My mother had just died recently and I thought she was sent by Mother. The guy we bought it from was a professor of Native American religions and I told him the blue heron was my totem!

I collect blue heron objects, like door stops, pictures etc. My niece even found a blue heron finial that goes on the top of a lamp and gave it to me for Christmas. I have a blue heron wooden sign given to me by a friend, a picture painted by another niece and a blue heron wooden figure that I bought at a gift shop.

The cottage is for sale now. We have mixed emotions about selling it, but it just got to be too much work for us. Every time we went to the cottage, so much outside work awaited us. We couldn't really spend time relaxing. We do have an offer which we accepted. Now we have to wait for the inspection, appraisal, well inspection, etc.

Your place looks like a lovely place. I hope you have many wonderful years there.

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Can I throw in another BH story? Used to live in Toronto, where there was a little (or not so little) park nearby that we walk to after supper every night. It had a large 'pond' (manmade?) that they stocked so city kids could catch a fish once in a while. Anyhow, it was the first time I'd ever seen a BH in person (coming from Montreal where it was really too cold for them) and thought it was amazing. Well, we watched him for two years and then one weekend my mother visited (from Mtl.) and we took her down to the park to see the heron because she loved birds. Well at first we couldn't find it and thought she'd think I made it up, but all of a sudden there it was, flying slowly over the water, followed by another one! The only time I'd ever seen another there and I think my mother somehow made it happen (she was like that :-).

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Neat story!

Lots of people around here have garden ponds and the herons love to eat the koi. So not everybody loves herons! (Except you and I and our mothers!)

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