batten board shutters

mommyto4boysFebruary 24, 2011

We are wanting to add some very simple, batten board style shutters to our exterior. They will serve for "look" only and will have no function (except to add curb appeal. They will be going on a stucco exterior. We are looking to make them ourselves and asking for some material rec's and some install advice. We are hoping to sell in probably 2 years, one year if lucky. With resale in mind, keeping the cost down is a major concern. Are these best made from an exterior trim, treated material? Can you please share what has been used and what works. Also, since the house has stucco, how would you suggest doing the install? We do not have a nailer or anything installed because we just ran out of time and had them stone and stucco everything. Thank you for your help!

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Homemade b&b shutters

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Worthy, They are beautiful, what material are they made from???

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Looks like pine boards from a home improvement store, maybe.

Cut to length, line up the vertical pieces, nail on the horizontal. Prime and paint.

Will last three or four years before beginning to deteriorate.

Long term, use Azek or similar plastic lumber. Prime and paint and it should outlast the house.

The Azek will be very expensive, but it cuts/nails/screws just like wood.

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