Installing Formica Countertop With Uneven Walls

chipster_2007February 13, 2011

I hope this is the right forum for this question, otherwise, please redirect me.

I am trying to install a formica kitchen countertop but the walls, back and side, are a bit uneven. I would like to create a nice tight fit in this area. Scribing will not work in this situation. Would appreciate any advice on how to accomplish this. Someone recommended using Durabond 90 to level the wall where the countertop will meet. Has anyone used Durabond 90? Any helpful hints in using it? Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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Durabond 90 is just a type of drywall mud. It's not to difficult to use. It normally comes in a bag but you can find premixed stuff as well. The easiest way for a beginner would be to put thin coats until you get the wall staightened out. If you put to much it can make for alot of sanding and you'll prob need to sand between coats a little since your a beginner. This also depends on how far out your wall is. Hopefully it's not out to much as mud tends to crack when to thick, durabond 90 resists this cracking well though. Your gonna wanna build the mud slightly thicker than what you need and then sand it smooth and staight. Don't over sand the edges as you can tear the drywall up. You want the edges to kind of fade in, the best check for a good job is just run your hand across and check the smoothness. Also lights from lots of different angles can help see spots as well. Hope this helps. Drywall mud is not the easiest thing in the world but you can always sand it off or add more.

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Durabond 90 is hard to sand. Use it sparingly. Smooth with a 12" taping knife.

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Durabond is about as harder as plaster and lime putty.

Use Easysand unless you can avoid any sanding altogether.

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Thank you both for your helpful info. I was not aware that Durabond came premixed. Would the big box stores carry it or should I look more to large hardware stores?

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I guess I don't see why scribing wouldn't be an option. It's always the easiest (and best) option, especially when compared to floating your walls flat. That takes a LOT more skill to do than scribing.

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"I was not aware that Durabond came premixed."

It does not.

Setting type drywall compounds are powders that are mixed with water.

The setting time cannot be altered by adding more water.

They set by chemical reaction, NOT simple drying out like the pre-mixed mud.

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If you can not scribe the countertop I would install the top and then fill and taper the wall to clean up the gaps.

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I would cut out the drywall between the upper and lower cabinets (with counter removed). Then I would shim out the studs to make the wall straight. Then I'd put on fresh drywall and finish that.

I've done just enough sheetrock work to know I wouldn't want to try to tackle making that wall straight with mud.

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