kitchen cabinet trim removal

suzenlaFebruary 20, 2008

Hi, I bought a home that was built in the early 70s and want to paint the kitchen cabinets. First I need to remove the molding on the door and drawer fronts. Does anyone know how this can be done without totally destroying the surface? Thanks, Susan

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The molding is probably pin nailed on, if you're lucky. Pin nailed and glued if you're not. Take a flat blade and run it around the perimiter of the molding, breaking the top coat seal. Then take a sharp chisel and gently tap around the perimiter of the molding, keeping the chisel flat against the door slab. The molding should release from the slab if it's only nailed. If it's also glued, it can pull up the wood from the slab, damaging the surface.

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Why are you removing the trim?, do you not want it on the doors anymore. Because you can sand and paint them with the trim still on. Hope this does not come across as a dumb question. If you are wanting the trim gone, above instructions sound right on to me.

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I want to remove the trim because the design is definately "70s". I am trying to salvage the cabinets because they are in great shape.

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What was wrong w/ the seventies? Polyester,disco and lava lamps. If you leave the trim, you might start a 70's throwback movement. Who knows!

Take Ron's advise!

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