Dispute with Private road owners

clairekySeptember 1, 2014

I live in Hawaii on a private road. The road is owned by 7 landowners. At the end of our dead-end private road is a turnaround area. The landowner at the end of the road rents out her house to about 3 different families and uses the turnaround area as parking for her tenants. She only has a 2 car garage. The other 6 landowners want her to stop renting out the area because we cannot use the turnaround area. Cars and emergency vehicles have to reverse all the way down the lane because they cannot turn around at the end. We have sent her a petition demanding that she stop using the area for her private rental business but she just ignores us. Can we rightfully put up No Parking/Tow Away signs? Can the Majority do that or does all 7 landowners have to agree?

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Do you property owners have a HOA? You may try enforcing the rules for it if you have one. Also check with your local town ordinances/police about parking and how many cars are aloud per home. You are on a privet road, that may not apply to you. But it doesn't hurt to check. I doubt that she will comply with them though. She has blown you off so far. The next move would be a lawyer. She may be causing a safety hazard with all the cars there. That's all I can think of at the moment. NancyLouise

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That should be private road not privet. Wouldn't want anyone using that on a road!

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Check your deed. It should spell out rights and restrictions.

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Start towing vehicles. They'll stop parking right away.

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Check out your local restrictions on the number of people who can live in a single-family dwelling ... she may be doing something illegal.

Check the deeds and see what they say about use of road.

OR ... just park all your cars there :) Because if it's OK for her, it's OK for everybody.

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Contact the homeowner and discuss your concerns. Towing cars is not an option unless there is a no parking restriction. I like what lazygardens said...

Also, your local emergency services may be able to offer some advice and help on this. this would be my personal last resort but for sure access problems can be addressed by police / fire services / local authority.

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Why can't cars back into the closest drive and turn around - why do they have to back all the way down the lane?
Of course that means the closest drives to the end get all the turn-arounds. Do all seven owner's pay anything annually, etc. for upkeep? If so, perhaps the owner at the end should pay a larger share since she is hogging the shared resource. I would definitely check to see if as someone mentioned, there are limits to the number of unrelated people who can occupy one domicile if it is zoned single family. Yikes! Good luck!

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