Estimated cost moving 4 lines- water, drain, electrical and gas

SDgirlygirlFebruary 24, 2014

Can someone please give me an idea on what it would cost to move four drain lines- water line, drain line, electrical, and gas- in a laundry room? Our laundry room is a long rectangle and the W/D is located in the front-half of the room. When you open the front loading washer and/or dryer it blocks entry into the back-half of the laundry room.

I would like to move the W/D hookups to the back-half of the laundry room so that the W/D does not bang into the laundry room door. However, because of the number of lines that will need to be moved, my husband is adamantly against this idea. He thinks it will be way too expensive and we should "just live with it." Easy for him to say since he's not the one doing the laundry!

What are guestimates on this cost? Laundry room is on the second floor and my home is located in San Diego.

Thank you!

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The biggest expense in this endeavor is probably going to be venting the drain line. Yeah, a bad supply line can cost you, but an improper vent can kill you.

There's really not enough information to answer your cost question.

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Hi Trebruchet, thanks for responding. Couldn't we tie into the existing drain line since the hookups and lines only need to move a few feet along the same wall?

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Why not call a plumber and get an estimate?

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You really need to get estimates locally. Get at least three.

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