Fiberglass VS Steel - Southern exposure.

scargozFebruary 27, 2011

Realistically - facing south, big temperature

change even in a white painted door - Is

fiberglass a bad idea?

Dual in-swing french.

The doors of desire are the basic replacement.

Jeld Wen Steel is about $790 at HD

Therma Tru fiberglass is $730 at TWperry

The price difference is not that large - installation

is of course key. But, the door integrity is also


The doors now are 22, steel, but glass seals shot, not

installed very well, sills warping or separating (bowed

up), so they have to go.

Thank you.

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Metal dents & scratches easily, and has a higher heat transfer than FG doors.

My advice would be FG with gel stain that when properly
applied looks like wood.

best of luck.

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If you are using a storm door, make sure it has operable panels to vent. You'd be surprised at how much heat can build up between the entry and storm door with non venting storm doors even on moderate, sunny days southern exposure. Heat can be real hard on most any entry door type.

Strom doors can actually help warm the house when facing south as a passive solar effect entry door open on certain days of the year. All dependent on your geographical location.

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