Tapmaster vs. motion activate faucet

eleenaApril 28, 2013

I have looked Tapmaster up based on the discussion from an earlier thread (linked). I know people like it but this thing is expensive!

Kohler Sensate (with motion control) is ~$600 but other faucets w/o motion control I like are also $500 and up (some are way up). :-(

This device adds another $300+. I think that KWC optional motion sensor device is about that price.

Could you give me your thoughts about why you'd choose one over another if you had a choice?


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Fori is not pleased

I've had a TM and liked it so I'm biased in favor of something I know works. I haven't tried the others so they frighten me. :)

Mechanically the TM is simple. There's not much to fail and if it does fail, you can probably figure out what it is. No electronics.

You can use the TM with any faucet, pretty ones or modern ones or ugly ones or cheap ones you pick up on the curb.

So for appearances, it's a lot easier to find something that matches your kitchen if you can purchase the faucet separately from the mechanism.

I'd be worried that a motion detecting faucet would be as annoying as the ones in public restrooms and that with all the odd motions that go on under a kitchen faucet, it might not read my mind correctly. I'm probably totally wrong on this and will follow this thread to see how these newer devices are working out in kitchens.

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i don't know anything about the sensor product you mentioned. all i know is i absolutely cannot stand going into a public restroom and dealing with the motion sensor faucets. i'm always waving my hands around and they never seem to work without having me go through what looks like some kind of weird dance. dealing with that on a daily basis would send me over the edge -and the faucet, out the window. my tapmasters however, work. all. the. time.

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Yes, when I was watching Kohler Sensate video, I was thinking that all that hand-waving over a certain area of the faucet might drive me nuts, LOL.

I just really-really want something hands-free as I cannot stand having to grab a piece of paper towel to turn the faucet on and off after handling meat or fish. And this gives me a much wider choice of faucets, as fori noted.

Thank you!

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I would never get a motion detector faucet just because of all those poor experiences in public restrooms.

However, I was also concerned about the Tapmaster cost and was wondering if the Delta "touch" faucets worked any better or if anyone had any experience with them (sorry if this is a hijack, but thought being on same topic would be ok)

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No, it is not a hijack but extremely relevant!

Thanks for asking the question. I want to have all bases covered, :-)

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Recently installed a motionsense faucet from Moen in our kitchen. When it works its awesome! But the sensor seems a bit "lazy" so works about 80% of the time.....I did purchase the 110v adapter so I'm hoping that when connected to electricity it improves. I'll keep you updated!

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I love my Tapmaster for all the reasons listed above. I didn't like the look of any of the motion sensors or touch faucets. A Tapmaster works with the facuet of your aesthetic choice. The technology is simple. I don't have to wave in front of anything. And I have no fear of it not working one day. It works perfectly *everyday*.

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Fori is not pleased

Once my Tapmaster stopped working. It just wouldn't go.

I was able to fix it myself.

There was a crayon under it.

I don't think that would happen with the Euro style one.

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Correct, Fori. It couldn't happen with a Euro model.

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LOL, fori!

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