Non-Standard Size Bi-Fold Closet Doors

chisueFebruary 1, 2012

Our 20+ year old condo has louver closet doors that are a pain to keep clean -- and to paint. I looked at web pages for panel bi-folds, but I don't have standard size openings.

I have five 80" high closets: Two 41 7/8 wide; one 47 7/8 wide; one 58 wide; one 59 7/8 wide.

Options other than 'custom made'? They must be bi-folds due to space constraints.

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47 7/8" is awfully darn close to 48", a standard size.
59 7/8" is awfully darn close to 30" x 2, a standard size.
Why not just buy the standards and shave off 1/8" with a table saw?

On the 41 7/8" one, can you either widen or narrow the opening by 6" to get it to a standard size? Of course, for that cost, you could probably just buy custom doors.

Another thought: take your existing louvered doors, cut out the louvers, then add an 1/8" plywood panel on the back side, turning it into a recessed panel door.

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But wooden doors and plane them down.

You might find that the standard sizes actually fit though.

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Go to a lumberyard or millwork supplier other than HD or Lowes, etc and they can probably have one made using standard size doors, not necessarily standard size premade bifolds. They costs should not be terrible that way.

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Brilliant! Thank you all!

I wonder if you can buy 'Polywood' bi-folds. The Polywood shutters we have have worn so well in this humid and dusty climate. (near the beach)

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I am going thru this right now.I need bi folds for a 28"x 78"
opening. 30" w doors measure 29.5". The standard 30" door or 2 15" doors are $71, custom doors for this opening are $80 a piece 1 1/8" thk, the lumber yards were more.
The doors you mention are standard, go w/ Masonite, hollow core, molded and easy to paint. I hate the box stores, but this may be one case where you can make out.

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