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mkiv808August 19, 2009

I put down a deposit on a new construction home a few months back. It's being built now. It was heavily discounted due to its location within the development. It's closer to a semi-busy street at the edge. Not the best spot.

In fact, I've decided that I'd rather pay more for another spot. An identical home is being built in the far corner that's a much nicer spot and more isolated.

I got mine at 340k with options. The other identical unit is being offered at 400k with 10k in options (mine has 20k in options). Thing is - they've been trying to sell that unit for almost a year. And nothing.

I'm thinking I could get them down. Any advice on negotiating? I'm going in with the mindset right now that I'll spend 370k, 380k tops for the unit with the exact same options as the 340k I bought.

Any tips?

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I doubt they will let you out of your contract. Your home is partially built. They realize that they can't even sell the home that is on a premium lot, and you want to leave them holding a partially built home on a crappy lot. I think your chances are nil, but you might as well ask.

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They are open to switching. These are townhouses. My unit has nothing "special" built into it yet that they couldn't resell it, and it would be easier to sell at its lower price point. A lot more demand than the other unit.

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