I Finally Cleaned up My Act!

ritaweedaSeptember 28, 2010

I cleaned up my sewing room!! I finally finished my last project and decided I had to straighten up before even thinking of the next. Wow what a difference it makes. I did have to go and buy a couple of storage bins to accomplish it, and I even dusted and vacuumed! And, while going through stuff I found a bunch of block components that I had cut out years ago and didn't finish for whatever reason - had only pieced 3 of the blocks, but all the rest were cut and all the half-square triangles were sewn together. I honestly forgot all about this. The only problem is, I don't know what I'm going to do with getting more fabric like this, there are only 2 colors, black and maroon, and the fabric is cotton, but is a very rough textured fabric. (I was interested in doing Amish-style quilts at the time.) I am going to need more to make alternate blocks, so not sure how this is going to end up. The eye infection that has plagued me for over a week is finally, slowly healing up, I've really been a hermit for awhile!

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This summer I was in a similar situation. I just had to get some order into the sewing room. Lucky I did not find blocks that I forgot about as you did; but have you considered not making the pieces you found into a large project, but maybe smaller like a table runner, or if enough just a lap size quilt? Better than looking to match up the fabric you have. Looking into Amish pattern?? Try using black or dark blue to complete your project.

It took me several days to do but I felt better when I put a dent in my mess. I even got my fabric scraps (and I mean bits and pieces) sorted and cut them into usable pieces. With baskets of 2x2 and 5x5 squares, strips cut into 2 or 3 inch usable pieces (for binding on scrappy quilts and small pieces into tumbler shape. I got all my partial UFO's together in one area. Once I got the bits and pieces organized I felt tons better and everything else went much better for me. I felt ready to get back to sewing again. I even was able to use the pieces that I had cut up in some of the projects.

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I know that feeling! I got a new machine a few months ago and of course that led to a new piece of furniture (thank you, Craigslist!!). So, I had no choice but to organize my "stuff". It's amazing all the stuff I've collected in the few years I've been quilting. And it feels so good to know what you have and where you can find it and the number of projects waiting to get worked on.

We've been trying to do the same thing in our garage. This is a detached 2 car garage that doesn't have a car in it, so you can imagine all the stuff we've collected over the years! I hope only a few more weekends and we can call it done :-)


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Good for you! How nice to have a clean space to work in. I REALLY need to finish up my re-organizing. I will get sections done, then nothing for a while. I have a computer desk and file cabinet that need to just go. A table that needs to be moved, a smaller shelf behind the machine since I have the mid-arm and frame now I don't need a big table to catch my quilts. Think I will take some scraps to the retreat and try to use them up (or give them away).


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I had to do the same and it is time to do it again!!!!! The only prob is when I go thru and clean and clean out I can't fin things or don't want to mess everything up again.

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Hats off to all of you. You are braver then me to tackle those kind of projects. LOL and shaking in my boots at what i might face. :)

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Good for you! I should, too, but I'm toooooo laaaaaazzyyyy. I went to a shop today, and briefly glanced at some stackable satchel thingys, but I bought a new pair of little scissors instead.

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