please recommend a stainless steel sink

agk2003April 10, 2014

was originally planning on apron fireclay but quickly realized i would lose my mind if it chipped/scratched, so stainless it is. we are looking for an undermount, not too fond of the apron stainless sinks. we can go up to 36". please let me know what kind of you have and your experience with it. thanks!

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I really like my new single bowl Ruvati 16 gauge 25" undermount/overmount rounded edges sink. Good soundproofing, cute strainer basket, sturdy and useful rinse grid all included. Got it from It is Chinese made.

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Ruvati seems like a very good value. I looked closely at them, but they didn't have the size I really wanted.

I have a Blanco, undermount, rear drain; it is fine, not noisy, plenty roomy, not too deep. There just isn't that much to say about ss sinks, beyond gauge and quality of the steel, and getting a shape, size, corners and drain placement that you want.

They will all get marks or scratches sooner or later, which fade into "patina" over time.

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We got ours from MR Direct. American made, 16 gauge. You can get sink grids and cutting boards for most styles. Great quality and price!

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We have this Kraus that we like very much - most important to us, it's quiet.

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Our current kitchen has a Kindred 30 inch single bowl. We use a sink grid and it's held up very well over the past 5 years. Using BKF makes it look brand new. In our new kitchen we will have a Kraus, which appears to be the same as what sjhockeyfan has pictured. It comes with a grid and we will definitely be using it. My SIL has the same sink and she doesn't use the grid. The bottom is totally scratched.

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I have a 32" Lenova double, low-divide with grids. I really like it.

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I have a question: Are the new SS sinks any different in terms of water spots? I remember that I used to constantly polish my old shallow SS sink decades ago.

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I have a Kraus like what sjhockeyfan posted. I've been very happy with it. It is very quiet.

Nosoccermom, I don't have an issue with water spots. I am, though, using a bit more water to coax crumbs down the drain. They seem to like to hang out along the edges.

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thank you all for the feedback. Anyone have a julien or a franke?

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I had a Franke Orca in my previous home - loved that sink. I think the construction of the Kraus is every bit as good (and wanted the more contemporary shape for this kitchen), but the Franke Orca was one of the things I liked most in my old kitchen.

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We just put in a Franke Orca, LOVE it! I'd highly recommend it to anyone interested in a single bowl. We use the right and bottom grids all the time. It is big enough to clean all out pots/pans, it holds a ton of stuff, and with the grid you can slide a pan under to soak out of the way, use it as a drying area, or put a vessel of soapy water on it to clean little things easily.

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I would avoid anything made in China or with Chinese steel.

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I am going to be THAT poster. Have you considered Blanco silgranit? No water spots, no chipping, no scratching, heat-resistant, no tin sound from metal, a few nice colors from which to choose....I could go on and on. I LOVE my two metallic silgranit sinks.

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I have the Franke Oceania. I LOVE this sink, especially the beautiful finish and the infinitely handy "shelf" grid.

Nosoccermom, I don't think the water spotting issues have changed much. I do wipe down my sink at the end of the day with a microfiber towel and so far don't have an issue with spots. I also do a quick non-abrasive polish maybe once or twice a month. The only cleaner I use is dish soap. Keeping my sink's finish looking beautiful hasn't been difficult, but I imagine it could get ugly if I didn't do a little something to maintain it, especially since I live in an area with hard water.

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Another enthusiastic vote for the Franke Orca!

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My Mom told me yesterday that she tried a weak solution of Murphy's Oil Soap in her SS kitchen sink, and it was miraculous. Mom drinks hot tea in the morning, and either pours the dregs into the sink or leaves a tea bag in the sink, and the MOS got rid of the tea stains with just a cloth.

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hi breezy, i love your kitchen! i did see the silgranit but don't like the colors. i prefer the look of the stainless.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We went with Oliveri as we wanted the built in drain board and they have quite a few to choose from.

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Stick with the major brands. I wouldn't worry about point of origin. There is some uncertainty over the origin of C-Tech sinks, but they are some of the finest available.

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We put the Franke Orca in our last house and adored it! I just loved the flexibility of it. We will probably put in another in this remodel or the Oceania.

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interesting, will have to check out all these models and oliveri. anyone have the franke peak?

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You might want to consider the Lenova Permaclean SS sink. Not sure if its just a gimmick or not. I believe they OEM these sinks to Create Good which sells the sink under the UltraClean brand name (at a higher price point)

This is one of the Create Good versions from Houzz

Traditional Kitchen Sinks by Cincinnati Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Create Good

This pic is from the Lenova website...

Here is a link that might be useful: Lenova website

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Another vote for Franke Orca in my new kitchen. The bottom and right grids are used constantly. It has been in for two years and only use dish soap, rinse, and wipe down with a micro fiber cloth at the end of the day to maintain the gleaming finish in a hard water area. Franke sinks are made in Switzerland and have a high cromium content. Considerable time is spent on polishing during the manufacturing process. This is one kitchen splurge with absolutely no regrets.

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Yet another enthusiastic vote for the Franke Orca. We love our sink and also use the bottom and right side grids all the time. Be sure to buy Franke and not Franke USA . The Franke USA sinks are made in China and sold at Lowes.

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