How much space between your range and OTR microwave?

brickhouseApril 29, 2010

In response to my other post about my microwave maybe being too high...

I am looking some input from OTR microwave owners:

What is the distance from the top of your cooktop to the bottom of your microwave?

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I, have the GE profile, mine is 17 1/4 from the top of my stove, to the bottom, of my microwave. I, can see in my microwave. The side,s are about one inch lower than my side cabinet,s. sharaz

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Mine is 18" from the stovetop to the bottom of the microwave. The bottom of the microwave is about 3/4" higher than the bottom of my side cabinets.

In our previous house we had wanted to install one and were told that there wasn't enough space between the stovetop and the bottom of the cabinet the micro would attach to. I think that measurement needed to be 32" or more, but this was probably 5 years ago, so I could be totally wrong on that. We were told that the heat from the stove could damage the micro if they were any closer than that.

Totally Confused

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We actually went higher than normal/recommended. Ours is 22 3/4" from the top of the grid. It is a bit high for me as I'm only 5"2" but great for hubby who is 6'3" but I only use the micro for reheating coffee, leftovers and heating up a can of green beans - besides I like the way it adds visual interest to the backsplash - well it will when we get one :)

One of the reasons we chose to do this was due to the fact we live in the Caribbean where it is always sooooo hot and humid and I didn't want to feel trapped with the heat from the gas cooktop - not sure it makes too much difference (I don't really cook yet anyway) but I still like how it looks :)

Here are a few pictures and you can see how low it would have been should I have positioned it in the more "normal" place - level (ish) with the lower cabinet........


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Here is a picture of mine. I have an induction range, not gas, but it 18" from cooktop to the bottom of the microwave. It lines up perfectly with the bottom of the cabinets.

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Mine is 17" from top of the stove to bottom of the microwave. Has been that way many years. No problems so far.

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We have the same OTR microwave as Piaa but ours is 19" from countertop, 55" from floor. I'm 5'1" and find the microwave a bit too high for me. I can reach stuff in it, but have to use a step stool to clean it. Fortunately I have a tall husband who takes care of that.


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