Remodeling to add Laundry Space

BurnsFamilyFebruary 12, 2013

Our current layout is a 2 story home with a full basement (3 levels) and our laundry is on the main floor in our kitchen. We have space on our 2nd level, I think, to add a laundry space and was hoping to get feedback from others that have something similar or care to share your opinion. We have a rather long and wide hallway on the 2nd floor with an open space/railing to view down onto the first floor that runs parallel to the hallway. The open space is about the same width of the existing hallway. We were thinking of remodeling to use the existing hallway space to incorporate a laundry space and eliminate the open area by building over the open space to the stair railing for a new hallway. The space would not be large enough to be a laundry "room" but rather a laundry "closet." As it currently is in our kitchen, it is a closet behind bifold doors. The space is wide enough that I could add a laundry sink as well. It would involve us only having to relocate 1 bedroom door (to the master). The plumbing is close by to the space we want to make into a laundry area. We would have to run vent for dryer and 220 power as well. Any thoughts/ideas? The bifold doors would have to be much larger to incorporate the width of washer/dryer/laundry sink - think that would look bad? Don't want to leave the space open because you'd be able to see it from the 1st floor (existing railing up the stairs and down the 2nd floor hall). We really want to get our washer/dryer out of our kitchen and are willing to sacrifice the open area to the 2nd floor to do so. We would still keep the open feel by extending the railing along the new hallway area (as it currently is) rather than building a wall all the way to the ceiling. Opinions/ideas?

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Fori is not pleased

Is there any way to do pocket doors instead of bifolds? When they work (get good hardware, not cheap stuff) they are awesome for not being in the way while open. You might not want open bifolds in the hall. (But maybe that would get them shut more often! :P)

I don't know if your project is feasible at all, but I do think it would be worth doing if you can.

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I am doing a second floor remodel as we speak (end of week 6). I put in a laundry "closet" of about 4x10 and it has 8 feet worth of bifolds. The goal is, when the doors are open while I am folding clothes, it might feel like a "room". The only thing down the hallway from where these doors are is my bedroom though, so not a high traffic spot in the house. And, I am not putting in a laundry sink--just the machines and a folding counter/cabinets. I figure, if I need anything to soak, I can do it in the adjacent bath.

One thing to consider on the plumbing--which way do your joists run?
Running power is rather trivial, assuming you have the "room" in your panel.

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