RE: Living near power lines - how close is too close?

johnqpublicAugust 18, 2007

...anyone see, or hear ANY class-action lawsuits by retired railroad and power utility employees, EVER? Railroads have their own, much more powerful, power grids and power distribution to the tracks! ...any missing persons cases of the retirees vanishing into thin air by spontaneous combustion? ...any trees, bushes, grass... home gardens... frogs, foxes, deer, squirrels... mutate insanely, mutate at all?! ...think hard, be honest with yourselves, for the obvious answer: No. Of course, poor Idiots who will say and/or do anything to get out from under, especially for money from lawsuits, health insurance claims, and life insurance claims, never tell you how they really got sick with bad internal infections which almost never heal, and are often fatal, like ulcers, when they were careless and wreckless and worked for asbestos factories, and they never tell you the documented medical fact 75% of all tumors contain talc particles from talcum powder in baby powder. Asbestos use is highly for limited use. Pure talcum powder has not been sold in the U.S. since 1971, but is added to baby powder to heal diaper rash, and even baby powder is not meant for use for many years, and definitely not for a lifetime! As you know, power grid output increased through the years while transformers reduce the output to much lower levels than 50 to 75 years ago, and even before then, for power distribution through the power lines, and then again to even lower levels to residences and businesses. Power grid, transformer, and power line designs and materials are much more efficient and safe these days. 1979, yes 1979, with power lines in use since before 1900!, was the first attempt of Idiots who tried to blame power companies for their own stupidity for the lawsuit and insurance money. Many of these Idiots fake their own deaths for their own life insurance money by filing false death certificates and documentation of cremation because the big life insurance companies will pay life insurance claims after a cremation! Ask any of the major life insurance company salesmen/women yourselves. ...and sorry, folks, but tobacco doesn't do it, as annoying as second-hand smoke is, especially from stale tobacco, resulting in abdominal pain, and often diarrhea. Look at how many, many VERY old people still smoke, even cigars, since BEFORE they were adolescents, with no cancer!

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Off your meds?

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Whoa, dude, try a paragraph every now and then.

He did spell diarrhea correctly, however.

I'm impressed!

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JohnQ must have gotten really close to those power lines....

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LMAO cordovamom

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Not LMAO, that would be a real trick, maybe I should try that instead of dieting! However, the responses are great, ROTL; but then I live close to a power line so I'm probably not a good judge of anything any more. Fortunately, I'm still able to type; my six fingers on each hand make me even faster!

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I know someone who built a house where the lot across the street had a HUGE power thingy in the back yard, easily seen by every house on the street. A spec house was put there and it took monthes to sell. When they took the picture for the real estate listing, the photographer must have laid down on the ground and shot the picture at an upward angle so that the power tower was not visible. When someone finally bought it, my friends complained that they were "weird" - Did they think the cream of the crop was going to buy that house?
Whether it's fact or fiction, it's the perception that they MAY be a danger simply means that the houses on that street will have more days on market, and lower prices than comps off that street.
When we went to look at some of the houses being built near there, we told the guy at a different model home that our friends were buying on that street and he just laughed!!!
There is no house I would love enough to buy that close to a power tower.
Also, they put a big water tower not too far from there, so the view from my friends house is double special.

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My inlaws bought a house in there young 20's across from a huge power tower line in Levittown Long island in 1966 my dear MIL a completely young healthy girl was dead from Cancer by i cant say if this is coincidence or not but at 29 she passed away...just weird to me. many people in that area became ill and passed from similar or other strange illness's...but there was also talks of how the homes were built on land that was once pig farms (if my memory serves me right)

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British study shows there is double incidence for leukemia for those close to power lines. It seems that every time I find a great price on a great house - it is sitting under huge transmission lines. I won't take the chance.

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"British study shows there is double incidence for leukemia for those close to power lines."

Correlation is not causation.
Without a dose-response relationship the connection is nothing more than coincidence.
Maybe folks living near power lines are in older homes with chemical contamination or have a lower standard of living.
Either of these can be correlated with all sorts of health problems.

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The theory that proximity to power lines increases incidence of leukemia has been largely discredited by other, better research done since that study was conducted.

The reason you find great prices on great houses near transmission lines is supply and demand. Houses on busy streets with lots of traffic noise cost less too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Powerline/Leukemia research review

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There are different types of Leukemia. So far I haven't found which type was supposedly linked to power lines.

I lost my dad to Leukemia in 2006. During the time he was diagnosed I learned a lot about his type which was AML and related to Benzene. He was a mechanic; it was in products we used at the gas station. I worked there 20 years; chances are I will eventually show symptoms :(

After my dad died, there were more then 10 people I knew that died from some form of cancer. All of these years I didn't know one person, now there are so many. Except for my dad, I don't recall anyone else that had a type of cancer that was linked to a known cause.

If any of you know anyone that worked with Benzene, please have them read up on AML and let them know they need to get their blood tested regularly. People that work/ed in the service station / gasoline field; or a painter are the 2 main professions this affects.

I hope that one day cancer will be a thing of the past. My children do not need to lose any more people to this horrible disease.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leukemia causes

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