ripped drywall during wallpaper removal - how to repair?

diydevonJune 22, 2008

What can i use to repair my drywall which was ripped down to the brown paper during the much needed wallpaper removal process? I just want to be able to paint the walls - I am not going to be re-wallpapering. Do I just get a can of Gardz? or do I need something else in addition to the Gardz?

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You need to skim coat it with a little spackle. If you need help - do a search on google. It's a very easy DIY project.

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I taught myself to repair drywall with the assistance of people on the gardenweb forums. It is a DIY project, but there are a couple tricks you need to know about, especially since you are going to be painting.

First, paint the damaged drywall with oil based primer. Then skim coat with drywall mud, sand, skim again, sand again, and maybe even a third time. Once it is smooth and the way you want it, prime again with oil based primer.

It would be a good idea to do a google search for skim coating so you know what equipment you need and learn some techniques.

But most of the on-line advice fail to tell you about the importance of using the oil based primer, and using it twice. It acts as a shield, first between the damaged drywall and the drywall mud, and then the second time as a shield between the drywall mud and your latex paint. If you don't use it, you can end up with the repaired area having a slightly different sheen from the rest of the wall. This is the best tip I ever got off gardenweb.

I have read that Zinsser Garz works the same as the oil based primer, but I haven't used it.

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Yes, Gardz works as well as oil-based primer, it doesn't smell bad, and it's very easy to apply and clean up. My drywall guy had me apply Gardz before he did the skimcoating.

Here's some more advice he gave me when I could not face the prospect of removing the tightly applied wallpaper (someone did a good job on that!) from a very long narrow hallway, especially after the first few strips I took down damaged the drywall as you described. He said to sand down the torn edges and seams of the wallpaper so it's flush, then apply Gardz. He then skimcoated. Then I added another layer of Gardz and painted. After we were done, you couldn't tell there was ever wallpaper there. After all, drywall itself is basically paper, and if you can prevent the wallpaper from buckling and coming down from the moisture, why not. Gardz supposedly makes a hard seal on the surface.

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I'm so glad you asked this question as I have a few repairs to make myself, and I've been holding off because of the Unknown Factor (I've never done it before, nor seen it done).

I have an additional question of Graywings--does it have to be drywall mud that you use or would spackle do?

Okay, I lied--another question: How far past the rip/tear/hole do you need to go with it?


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I've just been through this. Use Gardz. It's water based, so MUCH less smell and easier cleanup.

And use joint compound, not spackle, unless you're talking about very small holes. Spackle is not meant for skim coating.

BTW, on the off chance there's anyone in the DFW area who needs a quart of Gardz, let me know. I have almost a full quart and no need for it anymore -- we're moving also and can't take it with.

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thank you all so much for replying. I went to my local Duron paint center and got the Gardz, but when i told them that I wanted joint compound the sales guy INSISTED that I needed spackle. I left with a very small container of spackle...Im going to go back today and stand my ground and get the compound.

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I am in wallpaper hell! The paper under the counters came off like a charm. When I started removing the paper from above the cupboards and walls it was a different story. I even rented a steamer which made matters worse--the drywall softened and is coming off. I am returning the steamer but don't know what do do next. It's so overwhelming. PLEASE HELP!

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