Small Change to plans for an addition

kidhornFebruary 13, 2012

I'm having an addition built onto my house. basement and ground floor. 384 sq ft per floor. Permits have been issued but construction hasn't started.

I want to make one small change. There's a storage closet on the main floor that I want to make 18" wider. There's easily enough space to accomodate it. Originally it's supposed to have 1 double prehung doors and now I want to have 2 single pre hung doors with a 18" wide gap in between. Basically make the closet 18" wider (from 5' to 6.5') and stick 18" of drywall and framing in between. Plus an extra 18" of shelf x 5 shelves. The reason I want this is so I can place a rear surround speaker at ear level instead of above the door. Plus an extra 18" of storage is nice.

The closet is located in the center of a cathedral ceiling that peaks at about 13' tall and is 2' deep. It has 5 storage shelves. None of the walls are load bearing. Construction is standard 2x4 frames and normal drywall.

I have 2 questions...

Is this going to require resubmittal for permits? I've been told all along they're willing to make adjustments as the project goes on and this, IMO, is a reasonable adjustment. I don't think this effects anything inspection wise. I know this varies from place to place, but is there any realistic chance this will require new permits?

How much would you expect the extra cost to be? A few hundred, maybe up to $500, is what I think would be reasonable.

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Since there are no changes to load-bearing structural elements, nor are there changes to ingress or egress, windows, or the overall footprint of the addition, no plumbing, doesn't hit any of the elements that would generally require re-submission to the building department.

As to how much it'll cost, that's a can of worms. You're framing one more door opening and adding one more door. That'll be your biggest framing expense. You're adding a few more studs and a couple of more sheets of drywall. The amount of extra trim could change your finishing costs. Which depends on quality of materials and labor costs, of which I have no idea.

Give your builder a call. Could be $500. Could be $2500. But I agree, the scope is not significant, so the additional charges should be reasonable.

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I already emailed the request to my builder. I mainly want to know if his response is reasonable.

I know there's an extra door to be framed, but instead of framing a double door, there are two singles. I would guess framing a single is easier than framing a double. Two singles costs about $50 less than one double. I can't imagine framing a prehung door for new construction is that much labor. It has to be much easier than doing a replacement door and installation costs for an interior replacement door with frame typically runs maybe $200.

I think the only extra drywall will be for the 18" wide opening, which should be under 8' tall, so there may only be one extra piece of drywall. But anyway, the cost of a sheet of drywall is probably under $10, so it's not a big deal.

Plus there's wider shelf boards (unless a support is added to the middle of the closet which would allow 2 boards per shelf).

All in all, I would really question them if the extra cost came to over $500, but you're right, it's not my decision.

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