wall cabinets hung from ceiling

funfarmFebruary 26, 2011


I am just starting the demo of my kitchen in preparation for a remodel. There are (or were) 11" soffits above all of the wall cabinets. I am removing the soffits right now in preparation for installing beadboard panels. Eventually, I am going to remove and replace all of the cabinets, but I thought I could get a head start by just removing the soffits and installing the beadboard above the wall-hung cabinets. There are some cabinets over a peninsula that I knew I was going to have to remove as I knew they would be supported from the ceiling. What I didn't expect is to see that ALL of the wall cabinets are supported this way - even the pantry cabinets that appear to go floor to ceiling. These were site-built and all 3/4" birch plywood. I think these could have survived a nuclear blast!!

So, those of you that are familiar with older construction - was this typical? I can't tell for sure if they are also supported on the wall but I won't assume this.

Any ideas? Am I right in assuming I will likely have to totally remove all of the uppers? There is only one wall cabinet 0 the "china" display cabinet that appears to have been hung on the wall like I ould have expected.

Any input would be appreciated.

Regards, Dean

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No matter how they are hung, the cabinets should come out to do the work you describe. It's easier, safer, and much quicker. Then reinstall them.

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Thanks Homebound.
Yeah, I think you're right. Even if the framing that ties the cabinets to the ceiling could stay, I think it would be much easier to install the beadboard without the cabinets there. Maybe I'll just set the cabinets on the floor against the wall so we don't have to box up all the contents.

Thanks again, Dean

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