I'm new and feeling guilty

blitzyblond_protegeSeptember 22, 2010

I just discovered subject based "forums" on the net, my beloved bought me my first computer in March 2010, and I was thrilled to discover one about sewing and this one on quilting, but now I feel guilty. You all seem to be accomplishing so much and taking on even more, and I haven't done any sewing/quilting in probably five years.

I've done Baby Identity quilts in the past and have started a 4" nine-patch, and have the materials for a queen size Dust Cover, but I haven't actually worked on anything lately. Because of events in my life I got to the point that looking at my sewing machine made me shake. Since I have found these sites I am looking forward to dusting off the machine again. (of course time heals all wounds.) Who knew a high-tech machine would help me get back to an old-time past-time.

I just thought it would be best if I let everyone know there's a murkylurker in your midst, hope you don't mind.

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Just keep lurking enough and you will eventually get inspired to sew. All of us go through dry spells - either too busy or going through something to keep us from being creative. This forum is so helpful in that we all find out that we aren't the only ones with the same problems. And we all make mistakes. Many times I've posted something stupid that I've done and find out many have done the same thing. Often someone can offer a solution to a problem that you think is unsolvable. Don't compare yourself to others, you'll find some that have so many projects going and planned that you wonder how they manage to get them all done, and then there are some like me who work and plan on only one or two at a time. So wherever you are you will fit in and be accepted here.

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Welcome to another lurker. Most of us started out that way because we didn't think we had much to offer. Then you will realize we are all the same and pretty much think the same way and you'll feel comfortable jumping in. Don't worry about it.

Many of us have a sewing background that morphed into quilting and some of us do all sorts of needlework as well. We have that creative gene in there somewhere and feel comfortable finding a group that understands.

Stick around and you'll feel a lot better about this process.

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Welcome!! I also understand about life getting in the way. I haven't touched my machine in a few weeks, but walk by it several times a day. I just sigh..... I'm kinda looking forward to a rainy weekend (isn't happening this weekend, either!) so I can stay indoors and get some stitching done!

I also started with a sewing background, making clothes. Now, I do mostly quilting. The only sewing I seem to do is mending and Halloween costumes :-)

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Don't feel bad. I haven't touched my sewing machine since June. I hope to rectify that very soon but have a lot of work and reorganizing to do first. We don't judge anyone here.

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Glad you decide to join in. We need new input. Great place to relax and enjoy. Waiting to see what that sewing machine can do now that you have it dusted. Jayne

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First of all: NO GUILT ALLOWED! ⺠Never sew because you have to; only do it because you want to and find it rewarding. I have a friend who buys yards and yards of fabric but only makes one quilt year. She laughs and says she's a fabric collector more than a quilter. I have another friend who loves quilts and sewing but doesn't have the resources right now to buy much, so she reads the books and collects patterns so that when she can, she'll be ready. It's not all about the finished product, it's about the process - planning, thinking, colors, fabrics, designs, anticipation... the sewing comes last and is only part of the fun.

I didn't sew anything for years, then when I did start again only had time and space to do one or two projects a year. Now my home has evolved to having a dedicated sewing area and my line up of projects is endless. But it certainly hasn't always been like that.

A great way to get back into sewing is to participate in the monthly lotto. You can make one block or 3, depending on time and available material. Short, fun, inspiring. It gets you to try patterns and colors you might not have tried before and that's fun too.

Glad you found us!

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bbp - here's a link to this month's lotto. Very quick and easy to make and I know that's true because I made 2 of them in one evening after work. It's much cuter when put together than I expected it to be. If you do it within the next couple days it would still get there in time.

September Lotto


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Hi, blitzyblond!

Glad to hear from you! Love lurkers, since that's probably how we all started. My name is Kay, and I moderate the monthly block lotto.

I hadn't quilted, or even sewn much in years, and found it was a wonderful way to get back into letting those creative juices flow. As Kate said, this month's lotto is a fairly easy block, and oh, how pretty they are. Part of the fun of moderating is that I get to fondle them ALL before they go to their new homes.. I love the feel of fabric as much as the look and ideas it can generate.

And there's no obligation for continuing months. If you have a busy month, you just don't sign up for that block. Lots of folks even wait until after they've made the blocks before signing up. So it's absolutely no pressure!

Again, Welcome!

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Kate is right, no guilt allowed. This is supposed to be fun. Sew when you can, think about it when you can't Welcome to all our lurkers, come out of hiding!


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"Sew when you can, think about it when you can't. EXACTLY!

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What is the "September Loto" and how does it work? maybe I could shoot for the October whatever. Thank you all for the encouragement and welcome. i've been doing some lurking and chiming in on some old threads, before I realized they were out-dated and abandoned threads. Duh! Thanks again all.

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I found the link to the Queen's X site and that sounds really neat. Thanks Kate, you answered my questions before I asked. i probably won't make any blocks for a while since funds are tight, but it will be fun to plot. when the colors are chosen, like yellows, does it have to be solids or are prints allowable.

I only allow myself 5 projects on hand. if i see a material i must have, i must complete on of my on-hand projects before i can buy the necessaries. This keeps me from stacking up oceans of materials the way my mother's family did, and then when they washed it for a project it had deteriorated. there is a store called Quilter's Paradise about 25 miles north of me. I love to go and dream. Thank you all very much.

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Check out some thrift stores. I have found patterns, quilt books, fabric really cheap. I don't have any close by me now darn it lol!!!!!!!!!!
I have seen some gorgeous quilts made from thrift store shirts.
This site is wonderful for newbies, the members have a lot of talent and are very willing to share their knowledge. Great bunch of people!!!!!

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Thank you Rosa for the warm welcome. I believe you are right; these seem to be a great bunch of people.

I'm mulling over the idea of doing a wall hanging in lavenders and white. There's a quilt pattern I've seen that no one knew the name for, so when i get the top done every one will have to help me figure out the name of the pattern. Never guess what color the blouse is i found. :)

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Prints are definitely allowable and usually preferred because the prints add so much depth to a quilt. I was at a Bonnie Hunter (quiltville.com) trunk show last Friday and she said if the fabric you are using looks ugly to you, then you just haven't cut it small enough yet! I thought that was great.

Remember, most quilt shops and places like Joann's regularly put their fat quarters on sale. Joann's typically has a weekend a month when fqs are 99�. Since you can usually make 2 blocks from a couple fqs of different fabric, that puts the monthly lotto into just about every budget.

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