Coved Corian shower is greenboard enough?

frankliemydearApril 16, 2013

We want to redo our shower with seamless Corian. The contractor we are thinking of using says he uses greenboard because the seamless Corian is waterproof (I don't know why he doesn't want to use cement board..maybe pride??). Our city planning department says that cement board is required, but they are willing to take a letter from Corian saying that Corian recommends green board. We called Corian to ask where we can find their recommendation, it has been a few days and they haven't gotten back to us. I was wondering what professionals think? We are thinking we'd like cement board. Even if the coved corian is waterproof, there are water faucets too. I was wondering what others think? Thanks!

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Why in the world is your contractor arguing about this? No skin off his nose if you want cement board in your shower.

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No way I'd put green board in a shower.

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Sophie Wheeler

You might want to check the price of coving that Corian before you make up your mind. It was about $50 a foot the last time I checked. With four 7' corners in a shower, that $1400 just for the coving. Add in the price of the $70 a square Corian, and you're looking at a heck of a lot of money for the privilege of apparent seamlessnes. It's NOT "seamless". There will be seams. They'll just be solvent welded and smooth to the touch.

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I'm with suzannes, get what you WANT and will pay for.

"contractor we are thinking of using says "

You should drop him fast.

1. He needs to LISTEN first
2. He should be willing to do what you want as long as it's within code and you are willing to pay.
3.If it's not in his wheelhouse, or a product he wants/likes to work with , he needs to tell you that and move on, not try to "sell" you.

I wouldn't use greenboard either. You need to protect the structure from water getting behind the corian and greenboard won't do that. You could cover it with a waterproofing membrane like Kerdi or Nobelseal, or a paint on one like RedGuard or Hydro Ban - but you can use that over reg. drywall so the greenboard is a waste in that case.

Are you getting a corian pan too?

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