On the market for one week - 1 showing and 1 no show

anitaladyroseAugust 2, 2014

Our house has been on the market for one week. We had a showing the first day (yay!), and yesterday we were supposed to have a showing, but it turned out to be a no show. I suppose we should get used to this. We have decided to show the house every time we receive a request - cannot sell it if we don't show it! Hopefully this won't happen too often. Curious to know what others have experienced with no shows.

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I guess we've been lucky. We've had one last minute cancellation and one very late but everyone else has shown up during the scheduled time. We have a showing tomorrow afternoon. Fingers are crossed and prayers that this one will lead to a good offer!

Like you, we've agreed to every showing. I hope you have no more no shows. That has to be very annoying. Good luck!

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It's comforting to read that in your experience the greater majority of people do show up. I wouldn't have been as annoyed if their agent had acted professionally and let our agent know.

Best of luck with the showing today! Fingers crossed for you!

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I had a realtor show up at my door unannounced the day before an open house. A week later she called to say she wanted a showing in 3 hours. We had to decline because we had just gotten back from a 1 week vacation and it would not be possible to put our best foot forward. I suggested a drive by and I would go mow the lawn. They arrived 1.5 hours before scheduled drive by and I was out mowing and had opportunity to give buyer my brochure. The buyer was driving the car with agent in passenger seat. I thought wow - how things have changed. Another showing was cancelled 5 minutes before showtime because child was in emergency room. I think some realtors are not so quick on the voice mail pick up thing.

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I had one "no show" showing. Was rather perturbed, but my realtor called to see what happened and the realtor appeared to have circumstances beyond her control (due to the clients' whims). She was apologetic but I still think in this day of instant communication she should have texted or called.

I've learned not to trust other realtors at all. I am lucky that I can get home before showings to tidy up, and then get home immediately after them to make sure everything is ok. I have cats and have found, more often then I like, that doors are left open/unlocked even with specific instructions.

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Having been on all sides of this problem--realtor,buyer and seller, I can say that there can be a lot of reasons for no shows. First, there can be real emergencies as in life. Second, your realtor may not pick up quickly on messages if they are busy (no excuse but it happens). Third and really the worst is when you pull up to a house and for one reason or another you just don't want to see inside. If it were me and I knew the seller was waiting, I would go see it anyway.

As a buyer I think it's always best to make your house available with just a call if possible. The only time I turned down a viewing was when I was having a party at my house. When people made it so difficult to see with a lot of notice and having to have the listing agent there, I wouldn't bother if it took more than one try.

Patience is required so just make accessibility as easy as possible. Give your house as much curb appeal as possible with plants and flowers and a well maintained lawn. However, if you find one particular agent making appointments and not keeping them, I would complain to my agent.

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Didn't have any no-shows, but had some that showed up very late (like 45 min to an hour later than scheduled). During one of these, I went grocery shopping and came home to see cars still in the driveway. I parked across the street at a park until they left. It was a while. My ice cream got pretty melted. :-)

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I don't recall any no shows when we've sold but many were not on schedule. We made our house available for nearly all of the showings regardless of advance notice. Having pets to get out of the house made it more difficult. I wish there was a text notification system to alert you when the buyers agent was x minutes away and when they left.

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House has been on the market for 6 weeks, 16 showings(no offers yet :() and we've had no no shows. We had two incidences where we drove by the house a couple times and people were still there.We did get a cancellation due to family emergency but got decent warning about it.We had one realtor text at 6:07 to see the house at 6:15 pm-not fun and they weren't really interested. It really is a matter of patience-

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Didn't have any no shows but here's one for you...after about 5 or 6 showings we realized someone from one of the showings had taken an Oscar statue that my son had given me. They say to take your valuables before showings but when you can't leave your decorations out...really?! My realtor said in 20 years she has NEVER had anyone steal anything. Leave it to me to be the first. Ugh!

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CA Kate

When buyers are from out-of-town they will not have a lot of time to make appointments way ahead of time, and they frequently have just this one trip to find a house to buy and so are VERY MUCH potential customers. I have frequently asked to see the inside of a house when we had just driven by on our way to some where else, and I always appreciated it when the seller was willing to accommodate us. I also would refuse to go inside a house I had no interest in... a waste of precious time.
( We were corporate nomads and so did a lot of house hunting over the years.)

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