Drawers vs. Doors

kjreifApril 24, 2013

I'm just curious...how many door bases do you have in your kitchen vs. how many drawer bases? And would you prefer it to be a different ratio?

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Only doors are sink base, 9" cabinet for flat items, corner cabinet. Don't want/need it any other way.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Wherever it can be, the order is in for base drawers. Can't happen in all places, but the percentage is 80% drawers.

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The only lower doors we have are the sink base. Perfect! We also have a pantry with doors and roll-out drawers. Like that too.

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Holly- Kay

2 lazy susan doors, under sink doors but working on adding roll out shelving there also, door for dw, door for garbage roll out, one cab with roll out shelves, 1/2 of my small island is drawers, and 3 drawers under my induction cooktop. I don't think I am going to have near enough drawers but I have them wherever I had room for them.

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I must have Debrak's kitchen - I, too, have doors on the sink base, a 9" cookie sheet cabinet, and an angled corner lazy susan. Everything else is drawers.

My Mom built her house in 1977, and has pull-out shelves in one base cab (housing pots and pans). I can't remember the last time the pull-outs were actually pulled out - normal operation is to open one door or the other, and reach in. Of course only the items at the front of the cabinet are accessible this way.

Even armed with that knowledge, I still started with doors and pullouts in my kitchen design. Thankfully the good people here showed me the error of my ways!

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Drawers anywhere it was feasible.

Doors are here:
1.) Sink base - considered trying drawers, but with a deep sing, plumbing and the GD, I think it's going to be tough to get that worked out, so will probably go with two roll outs in the bottom
2.) Blind corner area - has a Hafele LeMans unit going in there
3.) Cabinet for KA mixer - appliance lift going in there
4.) Tall pantry - doors open for roll outs.

I think that we have 5 base units that will be drawer based.

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I know almost everyone here like drawers but it all depends. For example, if I'd put drawers under the cooktop, the two bottom ones would've had to have the same height to fit the overall design. But it wouldn't have worked for me as I wanted to keep saucepans in the top drawer and tall pots in the bottom one, so I had to go with doors and adjustable roll-outs.

A similar consideration for my tall deep pantry (the 12" deep pantry has doors "by definition").

The sink cabinet had to have doors as I have a Kohler Stages sink with the accessories kept on a shelf hanging under the shallow part of the sink + GD + filtration system + plumbing for combi-steam.

So, I have about 50:50 split.

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I have

-5 base cabinets with drawers.
-undersink doors
-1 lazy susan door
-pull-out garbage door (which, if you really think about it, is a tall thin drawer)
- over the fridge doors where my trays, cookie sheets and racks are kept.

I put drawers where ever I could and love them all.

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All drawers, even where I have the sinks.

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I went all in, wont know for a few more weeks if it works for me or not. 4 drawer stacks, mixer lift, 12 inch pull out pantry, 12 inch tray pull out, and doors under the sink (but one will be a trash pull out).

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