shrinking window size to accomidate for countertops

pg13February 23, 2013

we are about to start remodling the kitchen in our hundred year old brick two flat in chicago. the windows now are about 26" from the floor. i would like to raise them to allow for the new countertops. just wondering the order of this project. if it were not winter, i would just take out old window and limestone sill. then build up the brick to the desired hight, and reinstall sill. then install replacement window as i normally would. but, since it is winter. i am leary of doing brick work so i am wondering if it is possible to just cut window opening to size and install window and close off the remaider of the opening temporarily. then in the spring build up brick and limestone sill to the already newly installed window. hope that makes sense. thanks in advance GW

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We are doing the exact same thing in our remodel as we speak. The question is whether or not the window is getting wider as well and not just shorter.

Our windows will retain the same width but will decrease in height.

If only decreasing the height, the order would be:
1) Remove existing interior trim and window.
2) Reframe the window to correct size.
3) Install new window.
4) Cover the exterior side of framing with plywood.
5) Install insulation in new framing.
6) Cover the interior portion with drywall (wouldn't necessarily have to finish the drywall if it's behind cabinets).
7) Exterior brickwork.

That being said, you could do everything except the brickwork and be fine until spring.

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I should have also said that you'd be fine until spring if you make the exposed plywood waterproof/moisture proof (caulking, covering, etc.)

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That's great thank you for the detailed explanation

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Make sure you flash thevwindow properly for your application too.

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