Tenant history question: does negative report show up on CR if...

improvent363August 5, 2011

1. Does it show up in your tenant history if you are living in a house whose mortage is over 60 days due but its not under your name but your parents name? Meaning, Will my rental application will be rejected because of that, even though the house is not under my name and the mortage loan is not under my loan?

2. If someone do a address history search *in one of those background check websites) and see the bad history on the house their, will that effect me getting a house for rent and just because I live in that current address that is owned by my parents?

Note: I did check my credit report and nothing negative is shown.

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no. And no.

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what makes you so sure? (I ask because I want to be comfortable with a better explaination of your answer :))

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Your credit is yours alone. Credit reports are not based on an address. If that were the case a landlord with an 100 unit apartment building would have the power to ruin everyones credit who lived in that building by not paying his mortgage. ONLY YOUR history of your bill paying is on your credit.

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I am a landlord and review credit reports, others are correct your report is tied to you on your social, DOB AND your address only for verification purposes, but not on other people's loans at that address.

You will have no problem.

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improvent, you need to learn a little more about how credit reports and credit scoring work. I suggest spending time on the forums at either myfico.com or creditboards.com; both places are filled with people who are very knowledgeable and helpful, as well as many folks like you who just don't know. If you ever want to buy a house or a car and don't plan on paying full cash, I would recommend educating yourself about credit and credit reports.

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