Trying to find dark bronze door knobs/levers

kaleynaFebruary 27, 2014

Hi. I have replaced a good number of the windows and a French door in my townhouse and went with a white frames with very dark bronze hardware/handles. Now I am going to be replacing all the interior doors and I am having a terrible time finding a line of door knobs or levers that are not exorbitantly expensive and that are a solid dark bronze throughout the handle. All of them, like Schlage for instance, have a dark look but then a bit here and there of an almost copper bronze metal peeping through. NOT a fan of that look at all. Does anyone know where I can find nice affordable door handles in a very dark solid oil rubbed bronze look? I've attached a photo of the French door handle is have. I'm not looking to match the style as I am not a fan, but they were my only option with the French door brand I bought. I'm looking for something more classic looking rather than modern. Thanks!

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Check out Rocky Mountain Hardware for real bronze. I don't know anything about them other than their hardware is real bronze.

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Thanks for the suggestion but it looks like their stuff isn't that dark bronze color and they look both very expensive and limited in their styles. The search continues! :)

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What you have and are looking for is not really ORB. Your looking for is essentially a faux ORB finish. Your hardware appears to me to be Hoppe Rodos style lever hardware in what they call Rustic Umber.

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Thanks but Hoppe Rodos does not appear to have interior door knobs. I know that is not the exact brand because I asked Milagrd what they use. But htose companies they use for this hardware also don't have door knobs.

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