Which cabinet color-Simply White vs. White Dove?

pandora1April 2, 2013

I seem to flip colors on a daily basis. I have looked on GW for finished pictures showing both cabinet colors for Ben Moore's Simply White and White Dove. I can't seem to make up my mind! Going crazy(like others with white paint).

Pictured here are - Simply White on the left and White Dove on the right - shaker panels.
Dark square is perimeter countertops- Ceasarstone-Raven (charcoal grey color)
Background color for walls - BM Nimbus (1465)

Backsplash in front - Cararra Marble random strips Hardwood floor color choice.

Also, but not pictured is island top- Bianco Romano. My piece has a lot of grey veining through out, which is why I picked the Raven for perimeter. Island base is knotty alder stained a dark espresso color(painter still working on sample)

This photo was taken with natural light, no flash, no overhead lights. Tried to get as accurate as possible.

Which white do you prefer with my wall paint, backsplash, and flooring color, Simply White or White Dove? I'm not looking for an exact match to the marble backsplash, but don't was a white to clash either.
Here is a link to our renovation process so far.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1pandora' library

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Holly- Kay

I like the simply white. I love BM paint colors!

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I like the Simply White too because it gives just a taste of contrast and brings out the wall color better. All of it looks so nice together!

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I always prefer Simply White to Dove White. Although Dove White looks fine on its own, whenever it is next to something that is a bright white it just looks dingy to me.

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I prefer the Simply White too. It provides more contrast than the Dove White and therefore makes your other choices stand out more.

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I chose Simply White for my cabinets. I studied it along with White Dove and a couple other whites. The White Dove looked too dingy, as others have mentioned. Simply White is brighter, but no too bright.

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I think you are leaning to the Simply White, it will probably darken a little over the years anyway so you really can't go wrong with it.

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Well well, I'm going thru this very dilemma. I have decided on BM cloud white. I too will have some marble, stained oak, and soapstone thrown in. The white dove is very greyish and the simply white didn't seem as clean as cloud white in the other areas of the house. I am doing the trim and cabinetry in the cloud white.
The other contender was SW snowbound but still was a bit too grey in our lighting.
Simply and Cloud are so near alike in my light but both are
brighter than Dove but not harsh.
Love your choices ;)

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I have Simply White on some cabinets and White Dove on my living room ceiling/upper walls. The White Dove has a grayish cast to it that I find dreary. I like Simply White.

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I’m surprised by these responses - only because a couple of years ago, when I spent more time on this forum, White Dove was the King and for good reason; some pretty spectacular kitchens were showcasing it. Because of that, White Dove has been the only decision I had made long before my renovation was to start. Well…. That and marble for the island and soapstone for the parameters. Yep - I’m one of those… :-D

I would love to hear from some of those, if they are still around??? How did White Dove perform over the years? Would you choose that again or go with something whiter???

It is hard to look at samples such as the OP posted. Sure, that Simply White stands out - but when you are talking a whole kitchen, trim throughout the house, etc. it may just be too stark.

I am by no means an expert and hope that I have not offended anyone!


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I painted large 2 foot square pieces of drywall with Dove, Simply, Cloud and SW Snowbound. Hauled them all through the house - all different times of day.
Dove was definitely too grey. Didn't really seem white in my light.
Snowbound was still grey but more silver in some light.
Simply and Cloud looked almost identical in bright south light. But Cloud looked better with some of the other wall colors I'm considering. In fact white dove looked ok as a wall color with the Cloud as trim.
I'm doing the cabinetry and all trim in the house one color
just easier this way.
Simply white definitely did not seem stark. My husband said "go with the Cloud white I like the name better."
At this point the primer is looking good!

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Vote for Simply White. I had all trim and doors repainted last year and used Simply white. Very happy with that choice.

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I vote simply white. The white dove doesn't have enough shazam in your grouping. Would likley end up looking dull, which would be sad in the middle of all that pretty.

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Do any of them go against a white window frame? I have been thinking about the same white choices and I am going to match to the window so the trim and the window are the same. Then carry the white through the house as needed.
In our current house the white was chosen and used on trim. Then we changed out the windows which were not as white white as the trim. BTW I am the only one who notices.
Just a thought.

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I prefer Simply White for you.

My cabs, bookcase built-ins, and trim throughout the whole house (whole house reno with all new trim throughout) are Simply White. My FR walls, which adjoin the kitchen, are Nimbus. My counters are Carrara, and my site-stained oak hardwood floor is very similar to your color. I do not find my kitchen to be stark at all.

I assumed that I'd use the ubiquitous White Dove as "everyone uses it." My painted board look dingy gray with a sickly yellow-green undertone. Horrible. I didn't understand why it was so popular. Over the past few months, I've seen several people on the forum have the same experience with White Dove as I had. Interesting that I never saw anyone dislike WD previously.

I also tried SW Snowbound, but the 1-2 drops of red in the formula really showed up with a pink undertone in my light. BM Cloud White was much too yellowy for me. The way whites are "warmed up" or made creamy is by adding yellow tint to a white base. Simply White is a white base with a couple (can't remember how many offhand) drops of black. No yellow.

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Thanks everyone for helping me out. I always second guess my choices (especially since cabinets are taking much longer than anticipated, which leaves too much time over think things) and love the opinions that are given from people who have experienced the same thing. Unless you have been through this ’white’ dilemma, most people don’t get it. When I told my mother-in-law that I was having trouble picking a white for the cabinets, she replied “just go buy a can of white paint”. So, of course I had to whip out all my paint chips and show her how white is not “universal” just like blue or any other color.

ppbenn-I laughed when you said that your husband picked that one with the name he liked best. I totally could see my husband doing the same. That is why I don’t ask for his opinions on certain things. I also had BM Simply White, White Dove, and Cloud White(mostly because that is the color that Candice Olson uses a lot-pretty much after watching her shows, that I decided I wanted a ‘white’ kitchen some day), SW Alabaster, Divine White, Snowbound. I had seen beautiful kitchens in each color and had a hard time narrowing it down for the painter to make up some sample boards. Picked Simply, White Dove and Alabaster. Sometimes if I pick too many, it only makes my decisions harder, so I only gave him 3 colors.
jennybc-Yes, I do have white vinyl windows and no they probably won’t match. Likely only I will notice too.

breezygirl and jeri-I have not ever read that anyone was unhappy with their White Dove choice either. Actually, a year ago when I first started looking on the internet for ideas, White Dove for the cabinets was the first choice I made. Now getting into the details of picking out everything together, Simply White is the better choice looking at all things combined. It is really hard for me to make changes when I have been set on a certain color for so long. I am always afraid that if I change it and don’t like it, I will be mad at myself for changing from my originally choice. Jeri- I have several wall colors painted on boards, and depending on what one I have next to White Dove, I like it better. I started with Revere Pewter(BM) for the kitchen and had Nimbus picked out for the dining room. This week when I decided to go outside my box and switch my paint boards around and had the Simply White paired with the Nimbus wall color, (and help from GW) all other paint colors(in other rooms) and details fell in place for me. Again, hard for me to change details that I had picked long ago. Now I am going with Revere Pewter for main house color vs. just in the kitchen. So don’t think that White Dove wasn’t a good choice. It was a top contender for me many, many, months before our renovation even started too!

breezygirl-Love your pictures of your cats. I will have to make sure my cat ends up in my finished kitchen pictures!

I am getting island stain sample from painter in the morning. Date for cabinets to be installed is tentatively for Friday, April 13th. All painting will be done on site, so still a lot of work to be done, but getting there.

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Another simply white vote. Beautiful choices!

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Damn.... You all have me second guessing myself...

My plan is to paint the kitchen cabs as well as all the trim & doors throughout the house the same white color. Unfortunately for me, the trim will be painted before the kitchen reno has even started - so I have to get it right now!

I'll have to paint some poster boards...

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jeri- Oh no…don’t second guess yourself. If it makes you feel any better, the trim throughout my house and kitchen trim(white) will not match. Here is why- When we moved into our 1979 house in 1996, all original wood work was stained the typical 1970’s dark stain. After a few years, slowly, room by room, we painted over the baseboards with a white paint (straight out of the can). This was before I realized myself that ‘white’ out of a can from HD to SW to Ben Moore was not the same ‘white’. Took me many years to figure that one out. Years later, small updates included scraping the popcorn ceilings, replacing the painted over original baseboards and painting them with Ben Moore’s Advance ‘straight out of the can’ white paint (still at this point I didn’t know that you could tint white paint). I really like this color and have stuck with it throughout the house as we replaced baseboards, window and door trim. When I asked the BM employee what paint swatch that would it be close to, she said “White”. On that chip there are 3 colors, Decorator’s White, White, and Super White. The ‘White’ out of the can color along with the Decorator’s White, have a blue undertone and what I would call a stark white. Even though I love this color(very clean) and the contrast it has with our paint colors, I would not choose it for kitchen cabinets. I too like to keep everything the same throughout the house as what you are wanting to do, but have done too much of the rest of the house to go back and change it now, very jealous that you are able to do this. Because we have been in our house for 16 years and have done small updates along the way, this kitchen/entire main floor project is our first major renovation. About a year ago, when I was researching for pictures of white kitchens, I came across a picture (may have been GW, but not sure) where someone painted the cabinets White Dove, but had the trim painted a bright white which was the same as the rest of the house and unsure what to do. This probably for me is what ‘clued me in’ about whites. This is how I am going to handle it in my house-Kitchen cabinets, floor, door, and window trim, the same ��" Simply White. At the room divider/opening, into the living room, I will end the Simply White and go back to the ‘straight out of the can’ Ben Moore Advance. Here is a picture to show the opening I am talking about. It is one of those things that really bother me, but I am just going to have to get over it. In reality, where I am ending the Simply White and going back to the other color, no but me probably will notice.

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i went through this EXACT same thing! i had planned to use white dove for my kitchen as well, and had used it for trim, doors and ceiling in other parts of my house. HOWEVER, just as others had reported above, when I looked at large swatches in the kitchen it looked dingy and had a greeninsh/gray ugly cast to it. next to my warm marble it looked really bad! this kicked off a frenzied search for a new white before cabinets were painted and i too when with simply white. pic below. also a note of caution. i had my cabinets also painted on site and do not recommend it if you can avoid it. you will get a better finish if they are painted offsite. just something to consider....

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For your combo Simple White for sure. As others said it provides more contrast and the Dove looks dingy.

I'm just starting to think about my kitchen remodel, but know I want white cabs. Initially when only looking at the door samples I was scared off by the whiter whites and gravitated toward a "softer" white like Dove. Then I took the doors to a slab yard and the whiter looked better with all the white-ish stones I liked for countertops. The Dove really did look dingy. I want white trim everywhere in my home and don't want anything that will look grungy next to that.
Love all your choices. Please keep us posted about what you decide.

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Chantily lace

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Simply White! I tried White Dove in my kitchen and it looked greenish sickly and dingy. In other people's kitchens it looks great but it does not go with all other shades. With your combo with the gray undertones I think the White Dove looks dirty yellow. The Simply White looks very pretty.

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Another vote for simply white!
You have a beautiful space...can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

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I love Simply white...but I am white obsessed. My cabinets and walls were Simply White at my old house.

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I wish some of the White Dove people would chime in... Why is there such diversity with White Dove? While some love it, others find it “sickly”. Is it the amount of natural light? Is it the type of interior lighting? Is it the color painted on the walls?

If I get my wish, I will have Soapstone on the perimeters and Calcutta Gold on the island. I would like the perimeter cabinets to be white and the island something else - perhaps gray? Perhaps a muted green?

The reno is still a little way off, but we will be painting doors for several of the other cabinets we have already installed, including the kitchen adjacent laundry room. I really want the same white throughout the entire house, all trim, doors, etc.

As mentioned, this is (was) one decision I thought I had already made, but I am now on the fence... White Dove or Simply White...

Has anyone not liked Simply White?

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I have white dove walls and simply white trim. I love the simply white. The white dove is okay. I chickened out on using the simply white on be walls bc I thought is would be too bright and harsh. For trim and cabinets I would definitely choose simply white.

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jeri- I have simply white on our doors and trim upstairs and love it. It looks beautiful with the majority of our paint colors. However it does not look good in my house next to every color. It makes any walls with yellow tones in them look dingy, as well as the creamy carpet we have upstairs. We are repainting and recarpeting soon anyway, so it's not a big deal to us.

When I put my granite (steal gray), backsplash, and flooring choices next to simply white, it looks too stark to me to use for my cabinets. I want something a tad creamier without looking yellowish. Right now white dove looks the best, but I am only looking at the small paint chip. I need to get a sample can to make sure that in my home it doesn't have those greenish grayish tones that others are seeing.

I'm surprised to see so many people loving simply white. When I started using it in my home, I couldn't find any designers or blogs on the web that were recommending it. I was second guessing my choice just like you. I ended up picking it because it was what looked the best in my home with the undertones of the wall paints and our lighting. I am happy to see that people are now loving it too. In a way it validates my choices, but I wouldn't love it any less if others were putting it down as being the wrong color for them.

So, even if everyone is recommending a certain paint color that doesn't mean that in your home it will look the best. Lots of things will effect how the paint will look. Simply White, White Dove, or something else my be the best match for you.

Right now I am trying to decide on wall color for my kitchen walls and island. there are two colors that look the best with all of my choices, Benjamin Moore "silent night" and "rock gray". I don't see anyone swooning over these colors, or even recommending them as good grays to use. There are definitely some favorite grays out there that everyone seems to be picking. I am finding myself second guessing my choices because of this. I will eventually get some samples, paint up a few boards, and then go with my gut. My choices ultimately have to make me happy not anyone else.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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White Dove person here. Making these decisions is so hard! When I was choosing colors, I had in mind that I wanted something that would read white but would not look too bright white (for fear of seeming clinical). I'd like to say I looked at every white out there, but what I really did was look around GW and Houzz to see what people were using in kitchens I liked. When I searched, the two that came up most often were White Dove and Cloud White. I asked the cabinetmaker to make me a sample door in each of those two colors so that I could compare. For me, the White Dove was a clear winner over the Cloud White. However, it's possible I would have liked Simply White even better had I tried it. It definitely looks sharp in the picture you posted.

Odd that so many people see a dirty or green cast on the White Dove. I haven't seen that at all. So far, I've been very happy with the White Dove. I think the best thing to do is to see which looks better to you in combination with the other elements you have chosen. Also, have sample doors made if possible, so that you can get a real sense of the finished product. I found that to be extremely helpful.

My kitchen:

This picture is dark, but you'll have to trust me when I say there is nothing gray about the cabinets in real life.

Just snapped this pic. There is definitely a warmth to the white, which I'm now hyper-aware of since reading this thread!

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I think this would be a good inspiration piece for me, color wise that is. This is a rug from Pier 1 and I might just have to go look at it. It might be nice in my foyer... :-)

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Soibean - thank you! :-) I should just go get some samples. Like you, when I was first active on this website, White Dove was king and I loved all the kitchens I saw painted that color. I'm happy to hear it does not look dingy to you.

Hmmmm - I wonder what happened to the picture I tried to post? I'll try again but also include the URL just in case.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration Rug

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Hi Jeri.
Have you held a cabinet door painted Dove White next to a slab of Calcutta Gold?
I've ruled out Dove White for now because that color did not look good with any of the white-ish marbles, granites or quartzites I liked in the slab yard. That was a shock to me so don't make your final decision until you see all together. If you have and they work, no worries!

What always surprises me is when people say they've already chosen their wall color before they've picked all the more permanent materials.

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I second what Island said. I carried my sample door with me to every slab yard when I was choosing my granite. I can't comment on marbles, b/c I didn't consider marble, but none of the granites or quartzites seemed too white next to the White Dove. In fact, quite the opposite - I rejected a lot of so-called white granites because they looked too creamy next to the White Dove.

My first love granite, White Ice, had too creamy an undertone:

Compare that to Antarctica Quartzite, which is very white, though maybe a bit hard to tell from this pic:

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All my trim is Simply White by B. Moore. My cabinets are in production and will also be Simply White. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures in about a month showing the cabinets in place. I find the Simply White to be a "soft" white and not too stark at all. I have seen White Dove in some model homes and it appears a little more "grayed' down to me. Like others have mentioned here, setting, light and other objects in the room can affect how the color strikes you. Go with what makes your heart sing.

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Soilbean. Ahh you were the one that mentioned White Ice! I recently saw some slabs and loved it. Never saw it before or heard mention of it and then poof, read your post about it! Also recall the picture of your adorable design assistant.

I was back visiting those slabs again this weekend. The place I saw it at had 3 different batches and the one I liked had a lot of white and less movement than the others and it actually sees to go well with a few white cabinet samples. I've also left stuff on it for 24 hours and no staining so it's a clear front runner.
However I've only seen it in this one place and unlike most other places in town, they sell fabricate and install. It's all or nothing and I'm not sure about that. Either way it will probably be gone by the time I decide!

Soilbean your kitchen is beautiful. Can you please provide the link to your final reveal? Now that my clip and email functions are working, I want to make sure I save it for inspiration. Also do you remember how the White Ice compared in price to other stones you were looking at? I couldn't get a ball park because the price by amount used rather than slab and I don't have a design (or clue) yet.

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island, I am a huge fan of the white ice, so I hope it works out for you. I haven't actually done a final reveal yet because I had a backsplash disaster, can't figure out what stools to get, and still have a table on order. Plus a few other little things. Hopefully in a few weeks it will all be settled and I will post "finished" pictures. You can help me out by voting on my counter stool choices!

Here is a link that might be useful: Counter Stool Thread

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Soilbean Will check it out. Thanks.
Oh no, what BS disaster?

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I picked Dove White for my cabinets. My husband is in the process of building them now. We have a window seat with drawers underneath and a bookcase type cabinet with beadboard built so far. They are painted and look fabulous. I don't think they look dingy at all. I have alot of windows and natural light coming into my kitchen, so maybe that's why. If you want to see a gorgeous Dove White kitchen, google Angie Gren kitchen. The Homebunch blog should come up and you can look at photos of it. It is beautiful, and was the inspiration for my kitchen. Good Luck with you decision! (I am kind of bummed that so many people seem to dislike Dove White)

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I don't dislike White Dove - I just hated it in *my* kitchen. Whites can look very different in different lights and in different rooms. I was so confident I'd love it based on seeing kitchens posted here that I bought a gallon of it, then when I painted the ceiling and a test patch on my cabinets I hated it in my own kitchen. I still think it looks gorgeous in many other homes!

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After much angst, I’ve decided to go with my first choice - White Dove. Ikeltz - Thanks for adding your post! I’m happy to hear you love White Dove for your home.

I really feel I would be happy either way, but White Dove was my first choice, so I’m sticking with that.

Oh! For anyone who might be confused, I am not the OP - just someone who hijacked her thread! :-)


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Jeri the hijacker :>) Good for you; I'm sure I will be beautiful.
Just to clarify, like Tinan, I don't dislike Dove White either, it just doesn't look like it will go with the other surfaces I've been looking at. I don't think it looks dingy compared to Simply White, just looked dingy next to the countertop materials I was favoring. Just like some shades looked too yellow.
Look forward to seeing the finished product!

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Which color did you choose?

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Anyone have any suggestions as to best SW white to use with white appliances? I have just made samples of Snowbound on my old cabinet doors and now am concerned it might be too white.

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I tried a sample pot of the SW Snowbound as well. I had seen it in pictures online and was quite surprised how stark white it was too. I just couldn't get over it and decided to compare my sample to the sample swatch. Not even close. I took it back to SW and showed them them difference. An employee told me that with a white base(light color paint) and when the computer divides the formula so many times for the sample size, there is not enough color to mix with the white to get a true color. So unfortunately, if you want a true color of Snowbound, buy a gallon or have them color match a quart to the sample. I would be afraid the formula may not be accurate with a quart of a white based colored paint either.

Hope that makes sense. Just something I learned along the way with choosing white paint samples.

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Thanks so much. That is very helpful. The sample I painted on the doors to be replaced is STARK white, much more than the swatch. Tomorrow is decision day, so wish me luck.

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White Dove looks very nice with a chocolate glaze over it.

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Thanks Kajun11
We actually finished our remodel. Here is the link to my finished pictures

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Hi. I am agonizing over what paint to choose for my kitchen cabinets (they are ugly old light maple). The walls are painted SW Twilight Grey (it's a greige for sure and I like it and the ceilings are crazy high so I am not repainting), the floors are orangey saltillo mexican tile with new greyish grout, and the countertops are River White granite. Our kitchen and open living area has tubular skylights so it's nautrally lit until the sun goes down. I read all about White Dove and looked at hundreds of photos of kitchen with White Dove cabinets and almost went at bought a gallon of it but I am worried it will look super grey with the greige walls and greyish granite. I want a barely creamy clean white-is simply white the way to go? Thanks!

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It is so hard to say. Paint colors can look different from one room to another depending on the amount of light, natural light and surrounding colors. I would recommend getting both colors and trying them out to see what you think. Here is a link to my finished kitchen:


I ended up with Simply White.

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The only way to know for sure is to buy samples of the paints you are considering and test them out. Your light and other materials are different than mine, or Pandora's or my neighbors. I find BM Simply White to be a beautiful, clean, but yet still slightly warm white. I love it.

Btw, Simply White is just a pure white base with one or two (i can't remember which now) drops of black. That's it. Many whites are made more creamy and less stark by adding yellow to a white base. Those paints read very yellow to me in my kitchen in the PNW. Good luck!

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has anyone gone with bm distant gray, super white or snowfall white for their cabinets? i thought for sure i was going to go with simply white based on the kitchens i've seen here on GW but the simply white sample just reads too yellow. i wonder if it's the laquer used by my cabinet maker.

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Hi AGK2003, I used super white in my small (no window) kitchen for cabinets. It also matches the trim in my house and works well with the white appliances. I don't see it mentioned a lot here but I am happy with it.

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Forgive my ignorance, but when you get samples of each of these colors, what type of paint do you purchase specifically? I want to make sure I am comparing apples to apples. Thanks!

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Make sure you get paint for interior vs. exterior. You must tell the paint store what sheen you want, and they will determine the appropriate paint base. Most paint stores will mix a small sample can that they use for just sample sizes. It is my experience with WHITE paints that the smaller sizes samples do not show the true color. The more the formula has been divided to fit the size can (sample pot or quart) doesn't put enough color into the white to change the color. I know that doesn't make since and shouldn't make a difference, but it does. I bought sample sizes in various whites, and they didn't even match the swatch. I went back to the paint store and showed them the difference and that is what they told me. I ended up narrowing down to 3 colors and let the painter do some sample boards for me. By the way, the painter did all sample boards from gallon sized cans.

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Wow! Quite a process it seems. (Why would I expect anything different-building a house is a lot of work-lol.)

Thanks for taking the time to spell this all out for me. Off to the paint store. :)

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