Any Problems with Kashmir White Granite???

janellejoyApril 26, 2013

Hi, I'm new to this forum, but have found that there is so much great info on here that I thought this would be the best place to ask my granite question....

I'm looking at Kashmir White and Bianco Romano granite for my white kitchen. I'm doing a white shaker cabinets and wood tile flooring. I personally Love the kashmir white, but I'm seeing conflicting information on it. I have heard that it stains very easily and that when oil is spilled on it, it can leave a permanent dark spot. Anyone who has this granite, can you tell me if you've had any issues.

My other choice of Bianco Romano won't have this staining issue as much, but I'm not finding any slabs that I love as much as the Kashmir white.

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I have Kashmir White and I had it sealed upon install last spring. Other than that, I haven't done any other maintainance, though now that I think about it I should probably re-seal.

I'm not particularly careful with it. I have spilled blue food coloring, droped and broke a bottle of olive oil, and left plenty of glasses out overnight.

I han't had any problems cleaning and there are no stains. I have noticed that it takes several hours for the condensation rings to fade, but everything goes back to normal.

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I have a Kashmir Gold which is really on the light side. No problems at all in 1-1/2 years. It came with a "lifetime" seal, which seems to mean 15 years. If you keep your surface sealed, you shouldn't have any trouble with oils or other stains.

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Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that both of you haven't had any huge problems. It's such a beautiful granite and after hours and hours of searching for my perfect white granite, I kind of have my heart set on it! I'm going back to AZ tile tomorrow to make my final decision.

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