Laminate counter top not sticking....easy fix?

booboo60February 3, 2013

DH helped our DD with a new laminate counter top which he has done before(in our home,etc.) and never had a problem. This time the largest run of counter top did not stick. There is a seam and the other side is fine. She did not notice right away that there was a problem because she had alot of stuff sitting on the counter. DH thinks maybe the particle board may have had moisture in it, but not sure. Does that whole counter need replaced along with the particle board or start over and glue it down again to see what happens? The laminate does not "feel" like it has any residual glue on it nor does the particle board. Which kind of glue is preferable, the green can or the red? Thanks!

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Use what was used before, but make sure it dries sufficiently before letting the laminate make contact with the particle board. Remember...this is contact glue and you have to coat both surfaces, allow to dry some and then bring the two surfaces together. The particle board should not appear dry or have a matte appearance...reapply product if the particle board's porosity sucks up too much of the product. You want a thin film on both surfaces.

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Red is flammable and Green is non-flammable, so the answer is yours. But as mentioned above, use the same glue.

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Hi, You may want to try this. Use a iron to heat the laminate, which will soften the glue then put on some weight
On the counter untill cool.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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That my work as well as that is how the laminate trim strips come!

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The stinky glue does the trick!

We have had similar problems with the water-based, low-VOC version. The original stuff always works.

The key is to apply 2 thin coats to both surfaces, allow to dry between coats, then assemble. Use a roller to apply pressure and create a good bond.

The glue works with pressure. Roll it well, and use some elbow grease.

Hope this helps.

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