Irpinia kitchen?? Vs something like PEDINI.

yellowstoveApril 29, 2014

Does anyone have experience with Irpinia kitchens based in Toronto? The cabinet estimate that they gave us for our entire kitchen was kind of crazy (140k!), but really I like their Sappelle engineered veneer (we want to use it with high gloss in the base cabinets) and I am going to have some curved peninsulas in a kind of cone shape that I know they can do. To cut cost we were going to get all of the uppers, wet bar, and a built in wall (36" panel for Miele fridge, 36" freezer, and two 36" pull out pantries) in a white high gloss from some cheaper place.
But as I was in Manhattan checking out stoves (yes it's yellow!) I ran across the PEDINI showroom and loved their super sleek contemporary look. I just got an estimate from them that was HALF of what Irpinia quoted, but they do not have a sapelle veneer (I'll try to attach it here) and they left out the curve price. So I'm sure it would be more, but that also included installation.
My point is- what's so special about Irpinia that they are so expensive???! This process is getting so stressful!!!!

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This is the sapelle veneer. We have a midcentury modern house designed by Wharton Esherick and all of the trims are a golden/reddish oak. We are planning on white-ish marble looking porcelain floors, white stove canopy, white back splashes, white quartz countertop, white uppers and built-ins wall, And this sapelle in the base cabinets which include rounded peninsulas. Copper sinks, toe kicks, I have tons of copper pots and pans- oh yes, and an 87 inch yellow Lacanche stove. I think the sapelle will tie the 'new, modern' kitchen with the oak trim and hardwood floors throughout the house, and the white will maintain the minimalism I like throughout the house with white walls.

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The sapele and curves are where the other half of the quote comes from. You are NOT comparing apples to apples here! Curves double the price of a cabinet, and I don't even know how much of an upcharge sapele is. It's usually more than walnut, which is a 40-60% upcharge.

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that finish and that veneer is where the money is at. agree with above.

use the fancy stuff sparingly and talk to the Toronto based vendor about the price issue you are having and be honest about the budget.

remember that Toronto is the largest and most expensive city in Canada, it is a very high end market, the housing does not act like a roller coaster ride because the economy there is more stable than in the US.

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Good points, thank you.

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I think your design sounds fabulous for that kind of house. But...have you tried a sample of that sapelle with your yellow stove? I've only seen them in pictures, but I think the undertones might be off. Which could be another impetus to cut your budget. :)

One thing to keep in mind when you go for a top end maker like Pedini (I'm unfamiliar with Irpinia), is that they expect you to have someone to handle the details. The showroom will order what you ask for, but you had better be sure the space is prepared and measured correctly before you order. I've heard too many stories about people who order a kitchen from overseas, and then hear that it's about to arrive in three weeks, and start looking for a contractor to tear out their old kitchen and install the new one. Nobody told them they have to have the measurements of the gutted kitchen or plan for fillers, or that it takes a lot longer to hire a contractor. Never mind the dry rot that has to be fixed, the pipes that should be replaced while the walls are free, the floor that needs to be levelled, etc., etc. Folks like Pedini expect you to have a contractor or designer who is used to working with them and who will take care of the details.

BTW, have you looked at all the offerings at Pedini, like the gizmos that hide in the backsplash, and other whizbang features? They may be current, but they fit the ethos of mid-Century.

You can also look into local cabinetmakers. They usually cost a huge amount less than the name designers. There are often ones with small factories, where they have the equipment and expertise to do things like your curves, but are still a small local business. Some even specialize in knockoffs of a certain kind of look. If you can find one who can source the sapelle, you might be able to get it at a much more reasonable price. The cabinetmaker might be able to get it at the expensive veneer price, rather than the hooked a live one so let's soak her for everything we can get price. :)

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