Spray foam insulation

kashka_katFebruary 7, 2013

Sorry to cross post but I'm a bit in a hurry to find out what differences there are between the expensive two part closed cell foam you'd pay someone to do (icynene or polyurethane) and the Great Stuff you get in a can.... which I believe is also closed cell?

All I have is a 3 x 12 area, about 3-4 inches deep and the quotes are as you might imagine quite high.

BTW, why do all estimates come in increments of $500 or $1000 these days? It used to be 10-12 yrs ago that estimates reflected actual costs and increments of time, so I'd get estimates like $400, or $700, or $800 for stuff. Now they all round up.


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Describe the "3x12 area" in more detail.

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This follow up may be too late, but, We just got a quote for our addition w/3" closed cell foam for $2933 including ceiling and foundation. We are in Nebraska. The great stuff is essentially the same stuff. It's unlikely you'd be able to get the flow rate right or buy enough cans to save on price. there are some "do it yourself" products out there. We are DIYers but these options don't seem to be worth it for us.

We had the underdeck of our old house attic sprayed. Drastically improved the comfort of our home and reduced our heating by 10%.

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You can also get the pink rigid form board panels at HD or Lowe's, cut them close to the opening you need to fill, and then spray foam the gaps on the sides with great stuff or similar. It's the cheap man's way of getting spray foam in a small area. Larger areas will probably not be so fun to do.

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