Inspector broke AC

igorzAugust 19, 2009

I was informed that inspector broke AC. The system was working at the time he entered the condo and up till point he started changing setting. I have very unhappy seller for the obvious reason and who was supposed to start packing but was unable because of the heat. They are trying to tell me that the unit was on the verge of breaking and it just happen it failed while inspector "was following the usual procedures". Do you know what level responsibility the inspectors have?

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If changing the setting on a thermostat caused the HVAC system to malfunction, that means that it already had an underlying problem, and it would have malfunctioned regardless of who changed the setting.

Any system that does not function as it is designed when used is already a defect.

That said, in general, inspector responsibility never covers anything that was already broken.

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turned out the inspector did open the main unit and in the process the wire supplying power to thermostat got disconnected.He claims the screw/wire was already loose. What, for the last 15 years? Anyway inspector brought (and paid) AC technician who found and fixed in 5 min.

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