Of televisions & time pieces

LocrianAugust 29, 2012

I'm being quite the "Chatty Cathy" the last few days =).

Would it seem disconcerting to visit a potential property which had no televisions or clocks...anywhere? Or stereos, for that matter...or computers. (No, I'm not a Ludite ;-) )

I was thinking about all of the properties I've seen on-line and in the wild. They all seem to boast large screen televisions, entertainment centers, wall clocks, and various electronic devices. These are normal, every day parts of most peoples lives.

Our GC/Friend has commented on how quite our house is, since being here on a regular basis. He hadn't noticed the lack of these things before, when at dinners & the like. That got me to pondering.

Thoughts? Reflections?

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I'd be totally fine with it, unless your house is a sleek, modern sort of deal with a lot of metal and plastic and minimalist furniture. Then I'd think it was a little freaky.

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Sounds okay to me!

Why should that matter to a buyer, who would be moving all their stuff in?
It's not like they would have to live without clock or a stereo for the rest of their life if they bought your house.

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I think it would be ok.

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So many people have just laptops these days, that not seeing a computer wouldn't phase me. Nor a lack of clocks--again, a lot of people use their cell phones as both watch and clock (there are even apps to make an iPhone look like an alarm clock) that I wouldn't be surprised if a house had none.

No TV anywhere? I'd make sure to check that cable TV service was available--there are still some rural areas where it isn't.

But the absence of any of these wouldn't concern me when looking at the house. The only question it might raise is the number of electrical outlets per room. Having lived in some older houses with only one or two outlets per room, that is something I check on. But again, not a big enough problem to make me reject the house. I'd just have to factor rewiring into the price I'd offer.

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Thanks for the thoughts =).

Good one on electrical outlets & cable. I did lable the cable ports and FiOs, plus extra phone jacks we found in each room.

True, a Buyer isn't buying my stuff, just the house. But...Buyers also have to "connect" with a potential property. I don't want people "visiting" feeling uncomfortable and not knowing why.

Sleek, modern, minimalist...BaWaHaHaHaHa...more like GrandMa's attic and GrandPa's barn got into an argument and Fibber McGee won. Actually, 90-percent of our household is in storage. What is still here is in the Shaker Hancock vein. Plain.

Aye to the iPad! Work-station, clock, appointment book, lending library, movie theater, concert hall, classroom, and all around good guy LOL.

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Vacant homes sell all the time.

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>No TV anywhere?

Well, you know, I haven't had a tv since 1980 and nobody notices at all. People just assume it's stuck in an armoire or something. If you're a tv person it evidently just never occurs to you that a house might actually not have one hidden away somewhere.

I don't see any of this as a turnoff to a potential buyer, not at all. Half the people I know just use hulu or something these days and the laptop/ipad is teh media center for them.

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I would not even notice. Not there to view another person's lifestyle.

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Most photos in swanky home magazines don't show the television. Yes, it's part of people's everyday lives, but when I'm buying a home, I don't want to be reminded of the everyday life of the people who live there. I want to imagine myself there.

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Very good points, kudos to everyone =).

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands and varnish fumes have addled my wits! Usually I don't over analyze things and let the chips fall where they may.

Thinking of time...it's time to wash up brunch dishes. That's one thing that never changes: housework! (is it possible to make the house look as if it never needs housework done *big grin*)

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Nope. I am looking at the structure and wouldn't even notice. There would be less for me to be distracted from.

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