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K8OrlandoAugust 22, 2014

Zentangles... I've seen the books at quilt shows. Finally picked one up and started looking at it. I'm a doodler - I've even been criticized for doodling during business meetings because apparently some people think you aren't paying attention if you are drawing quilt blocks in the margins of your paper while they are speaking. Pfft... they must be insecure, right? Anyway, I picked up this book and now I'm hooked. I'm hoping it helps me get more creative with my free motion quilting. But really it's just fun.

So: Zentangles. Anyone else doodling to improve their quilting? If you want to see some really great designs, check out LuAnn Kessi's board on Pinterest.

Here is a link that might be useful: LuAnn Kessi Zentangles on Pinterest

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Kate, I'm not a doodler, but can see where it would help with muscle memory for FMQ.

I have seen lots of Zentangles. We even had a lady come to guild meeting and teach a class on it, but I didn't go. They have just not appealed to me. But...I did check out the link you posted and hers look like beautiful quilting designs!

Maybe I'll pick up that book, too... :)


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If you are looking for a book on this, the quilting one is good but this is the one that I think may be the best:

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I joined a Book Study "Bee" this summer and the Subject was Zentangles. There are many books and sites available for beginners to the very skilled and 'Certified'. If you are going to practice, I highly suggest a sketchbook and close to the recommended pens, and pencils for the shading. We have some very artsy, incredibly talented ladies in the group.....some of their work was astounding! Of course, they had taken workshops or were self taught and very experienced. All used sketchbooks.
You may want to buy the Kit - the video was helpful. None of our examples looked alike when we finished, but that is part of the expression.

On a side note, I do not find the actual art of Zentangles to be really helpful for FMQ a quilt. Of course you benefit anytime you get to the machine stitching repetitively. I view it more as a way to embellish an artsy piece.You pick up your pen often in Zentangles - go back - fill in - darken- add another shape, etc.

I did enjoy Zentangles and want to work on it when I have more time. I also really enjoyed the "Bee" and I will continue to attend. These Ladies have been meeting for over 10 years, and I was the only newbie, but they welcomed me and saw I was willing to participate in any of the activities. Bring the iron and set it up on your table and you make friends! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: What is Zentangles

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This might be good for me since I am like the least artistic person on earth. :) It takes a lot to drag artsy out of this highly techie brain. When I doodle, I am usually writing computer code or something LOL. I just might order a book or two.


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Jackie, I think this fits a techie brain pretty well, just like quilting does! In the One Zentangle a Day book they give you 3 new patterns each day and you try to incorporate them, along with any of the ones from previous days, in to your 3.5" x 3.5" space. Good advice on shading too, which makes a huge difference. It's really a step by step process so it's easy and creative at the same time. Did I mention it's WAY more fun than house cleaning? You use the same Micron pen most of us use for quilt labels and a pencil for shading.

Here's my efforts from day 3 and day 4.

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Looks good Kate! Make sure you use your finger to smudge the shading. One of the tips I learned was to use a softer pencil and darken a spot on a scrap of paper, rub w/ your finger & transfer the shading to your drawing from your finger.

Zentangles can be very addicting! And... something you can do after a few drinks that doesn't involve sharp objects!

I also saw the books at A.C. Moore and you can use a coupon.

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Yeah, right now I'm just using what I've got and this pencil isn't very smudgeable. I need something with softer lead.

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Yours are art! Mine were cramped doodles, but it was fun.
I was introduced to them by a fellow quilter at our annual get together last year, but didn't realize they came from quilt show vendors.


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